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Welcome everyone to the sports gambling pass. I'm Sean stack in that money. You're in partner and picks. Right. Real money. Kramer, ryan. Horrible fucking soup role horrible Super Bowl. I don't what what's really annoy me these this contrarian. I saw Trey wingo going off if you think the super bowl's boring turn the channel. No trae. I'm not going to turn the channel. Okay. That's ridiculous. That's a horrible take. Oh, it's a great Super Bowl. If you like coaching. I'm gonna grind it out watching tape and and really enjoy this matchup. No, it was just a bad fucking game. I love the National Football League. There's no bigger advocate for the NFL. I'm denied Gushin's Justice support the NFL I love the NFL. But that was a bad game. It just was a bad game. Even if you're a patriots fan we had right? Your party there? Patriots fans were they cheering where they going nuts. Now. They're just kind of sitting there biting their nails the entire game. There is no big plays. Sean, even even if you like defense I love defense where would the giant hits wherever the sweet sex wherever the helmet to helmet blows. Which I love where were they interceptions and fumble returns? And and great strips and sat there was just it was just a lot of like, oh, hey instead of a plane man, I'm gonna play zone and Jared Goff not knowing how to complete a fucking pass. Okay. Brian Jared, goff's sucks island the price value is through the roof that guy looked like a fucking pussy. Yeah. I mean, we I think I think I even they probably said it multiple times like well. You know, we're knowing the fact that it's Brady versus Goth. Yes. And it turned out to be Brady versus Brady was not that good either. Yet that wasn't the problem. The problem. They I say it was more on McVay almost than golf golf golf sucks. Coughs a piece of shit. He's not a good quarterback. He's not he's not going to. He's never a guy. That's just going to put the team on his back on that. Can execute an offense. If you give him a bunch of great play calls. Great run when. When conditions are good. He good in September twelve yards per attempt, and then October nine yards per and then December and January. He's down to like six yards per tem. He didn't play great against Norrland's. He's bizarro ally. Manning ally shows up in the post especially in the Super Bowl again. Okay. Okay. I see the going you cannot deny that. Yeah. I mean, I think objectively it was a boring game more than a bad game. I do feel the difference. Because it wasn't. It wasn't exciting. So let's talk about the reasons we say it's a bad game. One profound lack of scorn not a lot of variants in the squares pool. That's annoying shit. Fortunately, I took a lot of knows and unders but betting overs, and you know, like, Sean who parlayed something with the over or taking over as in any sort of prop yet. It's lame because there's not much that happened. Yeah. Now, I I guess would you not want to say like, wow. That was pretty impressive the shutdown these two offenses or was it was it more of a story of just incompetence on offense. I I don't know. Okay. We talk about some teams like the way before performance in the Super Bowl. Right. But the way they shut them down was incredibly boring version of the game to watch. Sure. Now, if they were respected, I guess, and Sean to your point we did have patriots fans here we had the half Aram fan, and we're in LA. So I you can't judge cheering based on what's going on here. Sherri patriots fan, but he's at transplant who's gotten soft living on the the soft sand of southern California. But in previous Super Bowls people are getting up there pumping their fists there. Clapping like because they're the team. They're rooting for is having good place, of course, or points is more exciting to to the general fan. But also, I mean, I don't disagree with your point. I just double negative you. But I I agree with the fact that it will. I mean, you can have a low scoring game. That has big interesting place. There's one red zone play in the game. It's like you could have a goal line stand. So there wouldn't be any scoring but there's four plays right at the goal. I that's exciting and interesting..

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