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Certainly the design patterns thinking and it seemed like just from looking at martin fowler's work that is very much based on languages like java or small talk or these heavily object oriented are sort of object only languages we'll i think it's interesting to compare that backed a python because it doesn't always make sense or there's there's problems you'll find him by on the don't appear in the list of say the the code smells were talk about at three factoring techniques because there it's fundamentally different way to structure code in python yeah i would totally agree with at like a lot of problems that they may factoring patterns try us off i think inherently entitlements language design sign it's already solved sell we can definitely explore into that a little bit later right and then at the same yeah i think another one knows so for example that i think is kind of an issue you might run into israel would i dunno i would call like a long module hours something right where everything is just crammed into one filing it probably should be broken apart to be more easily understood right but that doesn't appear anywhere in in the traditional literature because you they're talking about things like java where you just have one class for files of the files long that means the classes law right but that's not necessarily the case implied on i feel like there's the revamping obviously applies to python but some of the traditional history of it is maybe an eighty percent match yeah i would agree like a lifetime ideas translate that like how you chief stat might change because of the language and how to apply that yasser all so let's start by think your majesty why what what are the benefits of refractory and so first of all i think it cleans up tech debt and for those who are not as familiar tech that tends to build up when you take shortcuts during development there might be a better solution.

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