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Our very popular volume izing lip and sheikh tin and i also like that so what are the what are the products that you hear is actually here's when i go going with regenerating cleanser they'll kind of this like milky grainy face cleanser okay then after i use this resurfacing mask which is really nice is her in her but my favorite is this goddamn repaired of moisturizers cream i like it so much it smells delicious soft it's a night cream it's like kind of i think it's an everyday cream like at whatever creature you know you could you use it without the first two have you used it without a half i have and and i like okay now again i want to repeat it's a hundred and five dollars for bottle of it and so i just can't brazenness do it as is like the constant question i feel like you can have one or two expensive things in your repertoire horse thank i mean look that's just a personal philosophy that i don't always adhere to but i think that's like in my mind that's where i feel comfortable and look i'll tell you this in my shower i only have drugstore products is that like slim might mean i meant in my mind i'm lake nobler because i like keeping things the air when your shampoo conditioner yes okay i use og acts which is a free of south of sulphates never heard of that great all gsk they are the ones you probably seen their bottles they come in like brightly coloured and they have like moroccan oil do that i don't know whatever i don't use not gonna use ones for like thinning hair.

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