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I feel it's about the. It's not about into Haaretz out about anything db is coming back. We have a solid shortstop. I know he's a free agent. Now, we could bring him back and had to Berea it'd be good communication on that side of the infield. Then when comes back you could also play second third, and let's go after Bryce Harper. I might forget about Gardner came back. That's loyalty thing. Go forward. The next five six years with Harper. And judge in the outfield was saying h I think that's the move. It's not a knock on many Machado, solid. He is good. But I do feel the waiting field is now it's good is coming back. You know, we're forgetting one thing here about back-off. We're all forgetting one thing here though. Angelo breed agent after next year. The Yankees definitively bringing him back, right? So if you pay I know, Chris, I'm sorry. I know you're you know, you're a Mets fan. I'm actually not. But that's okay. Network. But come on. Got it took all of Judah Phoebe has been solid. Right. This is the guy you want to bring back you want. Got a knock on many crucial one thousand percent, right? Mainly Machado was an excellent excellent excellent team. But I just feel that you know. Bryce offers the way to go and have a good day guys. Have a great day. Angelo. You know, what you just got yourself a t-shirt? Thank you, sir. Sure, Dr John hold Pama and cotton is like suffered in pillow. I. Which is funny. They don't have the pajama thing. But here's been told. It's actually pretty creepy that I'm reading. Who's really going to tell you the truth about what to get your wife derby? Who's going to know who's gonna really you didn't want a bowling bowl? Ralph kramden. Playstation..

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