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I was in cleveland and i liked cleveland i always talk about how to people how i liked cleveland and i didn't i didn't love it this time because it was snowing and it was too much too much snow i don't know you know snow's great if you're like in a beautiful place with vast open fields or mountains and shit like that but if you're in a city and it's snowing every day it sucks donkey balls and it's so grey and adjust sucks and move and but the shows were really fun and i had a good time but let me tell you about this fucking i went to boulder colorado the next day to show for university boulder colorado whatever the fuck it's called and it was great man there was like a thousand thousand students went in there had a good time students were great and they were really fun and thank you boulder i had a good time with you guys i think it might have been the best college show ever lot of comedians don't wanna play colleges they say i don't understand that i think that that's like because they're worried about like they say college kids get offended like you gotta tell these mother fuckers feel they don't even know how they feel yet you know so that's why but that's why they get offended because they're off what i feel about that situation yet you know the older you get i think and i'm only thirty seven so i'm i'm not like when you're ninety that's why ninety year olds don't give a fuck bro because they just they're too old.

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