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His part, stukley was the one who figured out the stones alignment with the summer and winter solstices, and was such a champion of the theory that ancient druids built Stonehenge that he himself became a druid. The reclamation of Stonehenge for the druids resulted in a rise and visits to the area from self identified druids, pagans, and people in the so called British new age travelers movement. Ironically, it was a convoy of such people in 1985 that led to the only incident of serious violence committed at Stonehenge, at least in modern times. In 1984, the people's free festival at Stonehenge had attracted a crowd of a 100,000 peace loving individuals who just wanted to celebrate, but did so at the major annoyance of aerial locals who petitioned the police to outlaw the festival. Despite the restrictions put in place for the festival the following year, some 600 people showed up in a convoy, some in their trailer homes to celebrate peace love and understanding and were welcomed by the police in one of the worst displays of police brutality that country had ever seen. According to one witness that was glass breaking, people screaming, black smoke towering out of burning caravans, and everywhere there seemed to be people being bashed and flattened and pulled by the hair. Men, women and children were led away, shivering, swearing, crying, bleeding, leaving their homes in pieces. But again, in the end, it turns out radiocarbon dating done in the mid 20th century debunked the ancient druid theory by showing that the stones predated the Celtic druids by more than a thousand years. So if it wasn't Merlin, the Romans or ancient druids, who the heck built Stonehenge, why it was the aliens of course, I mean, you knew we'd be getting to aliens eventually, right? According to the history channel website, proponents of the ancient alien or ancient astronaut theory believed that the constructions of the monuments such as Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids and the Easter Island heads could only have been done by an advanced alien race who came here to teach us lowly humans how to build cool shit and then apparently peaced out for good. If that is the case, can I just make a quick plea to these aliens to please come back? We need your help. The pyramids and shit are super cool, but we have some major problems that we need some serious help with. On the other hand, I don't blame you for not wanting to hang out here. It is a hellscape. Ancient alien theory forefather author Erich von daniken suggested that Stonehenge was a model of our solar system, somehow. And others believe it may have been an ancient landing pad for interstellar activity here on earth. On an episode of the show ancient aliens an author investigative mythologist and TV presenter by the name of William Henry refers to Stonehenge as a portal, saying, quote, the Stonehenge builder's vanished. They were replaced, and they never came back. They are no longer on the planet. Where's the proof you ask? Good question stranger, because we don't know. Okay, so it's probably not aliens, right? But even if we could find out definitively who built Stonehenge, the question would still remain uh, how the massive rocks as I mentioned earlier came from as far as a 140 miles away. How did primitive people without the use of wheels, remember, managed to transport these boulders that weighed upward of 25 tons, which in American is a whopping 50,000 pounds, a 140 miles. Some geologists believe a massive glacier plowed its way through the area long before construction began depositing the rocks along the way. In 1971, geologist Geoffrey Calloway was basically like, look, there's no way humans move these rocks and it had to have been a giant ice sheet. Callaway pointed to other places in England that had clearly received glacial deposits during long ago ice ages. One of his biggest pieces of evidence were the blue stones found in early neolithic monuments, nowhere near the quarries they originated in that predate Stonehenge by as much as a thousand years. Although I suppose there's nothing saying the people a thousand years before Stonehenge didn't use the same method the people of Stonehenge did to transport giant rocks hundreds of miles. We just still don't know what that method could possibly have been. Computer models have helped back up Callaway's theory showing theoretically how these giant stones could have been

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