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Around Once you get later in the second round against trickier out once you get into forties fifties but you know there have been good pigs made and was later in a later part of the second round as well You know. Obviously eric pass was taken forty i last year he was You know her forty names doll before him. And then it was still a first team all rookie guy You monta ellis are fans will remember taken forty two thousand five was obviously a very productive player for the long time and then in terms of guys were taking early. Second round ended up having a of value the worst gilbert arenas in two thousand one thirty one Ended up in an all star draymond green at a obviously to get thirty five. We all know what happened with him. in in two thousand twelve and so I do think that especially in a draft. That's this fluid that the warriors can get value in the second round. Because i think there's gonna be guys that follow the second round that are actually first round now But there's this there's a so many question marks throughout the graph that guys are going to slide for reasons that maybe aren't really fair to them So it'll be interesting to let gilbert arenas name took me through an immediate rollercoaster. I remember being so excited when they got him he got like almost no time up front and they had two or three games takes off. Start scoring twenty game before where fans could properly enjoy what he was gone. He went to washington. There is almost no time in between. And i think the nba literally changed. Hell free agency work because of how badly arena screwed us over But i digress tells me we're not focusing on agent zero what i'll take on the second round so i'll start by being transparent. I don't know the names were available in the second round actually. I'm really fired up to have you shepherdess. Through this and teach me some people can get but one of the things you've already taught me is how important these second rounders can be so as we've been talking about how the pandemic affects the nba..

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