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My umbrella an umbrella sparked the scare at the seattle area hospital after it was mistaken for a rifle komo reports an employee of evergreen medical center in kirkland washington noticed a he that's where cosco is kirkland washington no and i'll yeah actually palm base of uh heat they noticed a visitor at the hospital carrying a backpack that had a longhandled item sticking out of the top of it evergreen health spokesman k taylor said surveillance video was reviewed it wasn't clear what that object was as a precaution the facility was walked down in the hospital sent out a surveillance video the man in the photo recognised himself and said uh that that that's me and and that that's my umbrella sticking out of my backpack only to be fair confirmed bears lana an umbrella that looks like the handle of a source order but they thought should they thought it was a rifle there it was a right that that's what they said that looks like a sled story said they said it was clear the sick it said here in the story was mistaken for a rifle who i think that must be a misprint in yeah presents clearly here was mistaken for a sword um the boehner here is the guy carrying that thing that looks like a weapon it's an umbrella it's a fully umbrella yes like sort but then it opens up john gray who is clearly purposely meant to look like yeah yeah not a good idea no boehner candidate number three let me in my umbrella let's review the first who and votaw number one was this this really did happen unbelievable but he did some students to students at hurricane high school in phnom hurricane utah uh but posted a video or a photo on instagram on martin luther king day and it said happy happy national n word day in showed her hanging by a noose with axes on her eyes really funny you kids down there butter candidate number two a speedboat just just almost killing three three three people jumping out of the small fishing boat as this gigantic speedboat just penarol's over them and boehner candidate number three that's me and my umbrella all right let's get this going this is round one of your boehner voting one of these candidates deserves to go to boehner fight for a 5050 chance to become boehner of the day which one is the worst one two.

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