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KSFO as long as we go down there from by the way good morning we've been talking about this indoctrination process this take place our schools we've heard from of teachers this morning we've been hearing from teachers both via email as well as callers have this liberal indoctrinate indoctrination is over the top especially here in California where it's beyond indoctrination it's activism it's getting these people stirred up and riled up and ready and I don't blame any of the students tonight we allow the parents you're you're working day people you don't know what's going on behind the scenes you think all is well but man alive depending on the school district all is not well but this is an interesting segue I have a friend he's been on the program many times you probably he may have heard of them before his name is mark marrano and mark is he if there's any one person on the planet that is most hated by environmental activists it's mark Morocco mark is a website called climate depot and he has scores of contributors and these contributors are you not not just slackers with the into a keyboard and a computer these are contributors who are PH dis these are you know college professors these are people in the industry who writes all of these fascinating articles that blow away all of al gore's theories just blow away and so they hate mark marrano for re posting all of this stuff that is said by some very very bright people out there I mean he said you know everybody from astronauts who have walked on the moon to the guy who invented literally invented the first meteorological satellite sure he's too directors of the national hurricane center does that mean anything to anybody come on folks they get the guy who invented the first meteorology satellite you think he would know a little bit about whether globally and he's a person who says this human caused global warming is crap he would never say crap but right you got guys who walked on the moon the a PhD usually walked on the moon season science they walked on the moon there said this is garbage but Brian the consensus the majority says so there is no consensus yeah is so ridiculous that you mentioned that your goon so there was a consensus at one point the thought the earth was flat right it now listen to this a so he market calls me up the other day in and day says this could you give me a couple of quotes from your books regarding things that marks or angles may have said involving climate and utilizing the climate for purposes of you know for political purposes and I have the quotes I mean we're going back to the eighteen hundreds folks Karl Marx Frederick angles let me let me give you one here this is lengthy but these guys it's interesting because you can't find quickies from marks and angles because they were such long winded blow hards they would just talk and talk and talk and write and write and write your site it's almost as if the more words I use the smarter all sound so here is a lengthy cash this is actually one sentence but this is how these guys right this is Frederick angles it's a book called dialectics of nature eighteen eighty three at what he's saying is capitalism we'll kill planet earth and send the earth into a global climate catastrophe that would look like this okay is that a good set up here we go but inexorably the time will come when the declining warmth of the sun will no longer suffice to melt the ice thrusting itself forward from the polls with the human race crowding more and more about the equator will no longer find even there enough heat for life when gradually even the last trace of organic life will vanish and the earth and extinct frozen globe like the moon will circle in deepest darkness anything ever narrower orbit about the equally extinct son and at last fall into it that was Frederick angles in eighteen eighty three saying capitalism is gonna kill planet earth and this is what's going to happen it'll be a climate disaster they've they've been going down this road for the longest time okay let me give you another one this is Karl Marx in his book das capital volume one all progress in capitalistic agriculture is a progress in the art Natalie of robbing the labor but overall bring the soil but of robbing the soil all progress in increasing the fertility of the soil for a given time is a progress towards ruining the lasting sources of that fertility the more country starts as developments on the foundation of modern industry like the United States for example the more rapid is this process of destruction said other words capitalism will destroy the planet okay I'll give you one more one more this is Sir Edwin ray Lankester in a book called nature and man nineteen oh five ray Lankester was is a wallet jest at the University College in London and a very good friend of Karl Marx we may indeed compare civilized man to a successful rebel against nature who by every step forward renders himself liable to greater and greater penalties he has willingly abrogated and many important respects the laws of his mother nature by which the kingdom was heather to govern he has gained some power an advantage by doing so but is threatened on every hand by dangers and disasters hit there too restrained no retreat as possible his only hope is to control the sources of these dangers and disasters in other words mankind is a rebel against nature everything we do is to destroy the planet than in a capitalist and in the end at the end of the day we will destroy the planet this this is what the communists have been going for from the get go humans bad capitalism bad humans will destroy the planet unless stopped by the communists that's it that's it so what do you do when you get this harder money what's your hedge what do you do to prevent to say there's some inflation when you gonna do are you going to dive into the market now start buying stocks well some say buy low sell high what do you do I'm looking to gold and silver gold trading at about a four year low silver about an eight year low desert gold exchange give them a call today better prices lower commissions you can call around and check for.

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