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First refill pack for free at G.. T. Q. U.. I. P. dot com slash criminal in nineteen sixty three the Asheville citizen times published an article called some believe cowie tunnel. There's occurs worse. The article goes on to say death accompanied. It's building trains have wrecked in it. cave-ins have plagued it from the beginning. There are many stories about trains inexplicably stalling in the couch tunnel stories about train derailments and of the tunnel caving in and trapping stopping trains People Jackson County say they've heard the sounds of pickaxes on stone clinking chains and splashing water. We learned about the tunnel from a listener. His name is Al Fisher he sent us an email saying he'd recently moved to the area from Georgia and realized realized he was living right up the mountain from a train tunnel that people said was haunted. We asked Al if we could come visit I. I said I pick him up. We met near restaurant called the forgers canteen and drove a few miles.

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