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Excites me most about joining the big 12 is the transformative moment in front of all of us today. We have an opportunity to grow and build the big 12 brand and business. Be aspirational. Define our point of difference, all while never losing our commitment to always compete and develop our student athletes at the highest levels. Moments like these do not happen often. And we must seize them and make the most of them. It will require incredible work and collaboration. One thing is for sure, there is no doubt the big 12 is open for business. We will leave no stone unturned to drive value for the conference. That was Bret your mark the new commissioner for the big 12. And I thought one of the interesting comments there was define a point of difference. Now, if you're a marketing junkie and guru and branding junket junkie and guru, then you know things that make you different are positive marketing assets. And I'm curious what he thinks that is with the big 12. He's very clear about expansion. He's very clear that they're going after assets to improve their negotiating status when it comes to a new television contract. I like the fact that he's just saying the thing out loud. Just say that say the quiet part out loud. Tell everybody it's about money and it's about a TV deal and it's about building as strong an offering as they can possibly have. And I think they actually come from a position of strength because they have the ability to try to go acquire other teams, whether that's PAC 12 teams or group of 5 teams or whatever. Like, no, they're not in the same place as the SEC or the Big Ten. But Texas is a pretty die hard football area, and they have what four schools in the state of Texas right now. They're going to add a good program and BYU Cincinnati. They got a foothold now in Florida with UCF. I don't know, does that mean does define their point of difference? I mean, continue to dominate the heartland. And be the biggest Texas league behind second tier, obviously, behind the bigger brands that are now in the SEC. Is that a way to differentiate yourself, maybe? Is it combining forces with the PAC 12 to become a Western Conference? Ironically, the original name of the Big Ten? I think that's an interesting strategy, marketing wise as well. I'm fascinated by what he's going to do. I don't know where it's going to end up. I think everybody else is sort of in this standstill on hold for right now. I think the SEC Big Ten Notre-Dame, they're all sitting still. The ACC is not going to do a whole lot of anything because they can't really do a whole lot of anything. So it's really just the immediate future questions arise. It's the big 12 in the pack 12. What are they going to do? If I'm the pack 12 and I'm operating independently from the big 12, I'm going to go get San Diego state. That's who I want. I want a presence in Southern California. San Diego state's got a nice alumni base, new stadium. They've been beating PAC 12 teams for a long time. They've had good coaches there over what, since Marshall faulk in the 90s, like they've had good coaches multiple good coaches there. It's an attractive school. I would go after San Diego state immediately. Now, who else do you go after if you're the PAC 12? I don't know, probably BYU would have been perfect scenario, but that's off the table now. So maybe it's Boise if you're okay with the academics, maybe it's Fresno if you're okay with the academic slash maybe not as big a fan base. But it's California and a foothold in California. I don't know where they're going to go. The big 12, I think it's got some options because I think they're brand. Is a more football die hard football centric brand. Texas tech TCU Baylor, Oklahoma state, West Virginia. These are good football programs. Where people show up at stadiums. I think the big 12 is in a more advantageous position. Of the two leagues that just lost their best teams, yes, I think Oregon and Washington are better than Oklahoma state and West Virginia, but I think being in Texas is a valuable valuable asset. And I think the heartland cares a lot more about college football than the West Coast does. So we will see what he does. It sounds like a politician talking to me. 855-242-7285 Braden Gaul here in for Paul fine bomb. Elliott from Ohio. Welcome to the show Elliott, how are you, sir? Hey, good Braden. Thanks for taking my call. I think the only road to survival is the PAC 12 and the big 12 combined. But that's not where I'm tall and I'm talking about Ryan day. The other day I called and you said that the NIL is going to change things and change things quick. And one of the best schools for the NIL was the highest state. Why is there a zero chance that they would be banner or anybody else this year? And if not this year, what is it next year? When is it? Because you said, the NIL is going to change it's going to change it fast. The football factory, quarterback factory of Ohio State, definitely has a chance to take it this year. Oh, a 100%. Elliot, no question they've got a chance to win the whole thing. What I said was I would not pick this Ohio State team to beat this Alabama team in a playoff game. I would not pick this Ohio State team to beat this Georgia team in a playoff game. If Georgia is good enough to get to a playoff game and Ohio State is good enough to get to a playoff game and they're playing, one of them would have an elite defense and the other one would not. Now let's see what Jim Knowles does.

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