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It is not even with my idea that this is not even a debate i disagree with colin capper next protests resulted in almost two hundred million dollars going toward the the the the very issue that he was protest i mean for sure there there's a national congress as much as you want to claim and maybe rightfully that trump hijacked that in many ways my point about trump's influence i am right his moves in sports are actually aimed not at influencing sports but it influencing politics talking to his base it said or whatever and now we have it they do not have the intended effect in the sports world okay let me address as much influence as it appears i was going to dress both of your arguments first of all stephen a when you're in a debate about who's the most influential guy in the nfl you can't win a debate about whose most influential guy in sports even if roger goodell is by some narrow margin the most influential guy in the nfl he then is only in that one sport donald trump is affecting basketball the olympics the nfl and that brings me to match his point is he actually really accomplishing anything beyond getting attention directed at himself with a single tweet max heat multiplies the number of protesters in the nfl kneeling before the national anthem with a single tweet he explodes the conversation on a given issue you could argue that donald trump's attention and exacerbating these issues actually led to the nfl feeling the need to move on some of the protests you could say he wasn't championing any of these ideas but the attention and the intensity and the necessity to solve this problem.

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