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Good afternoon. Well, it is sixty four degrees in college park where the local time is three thirty two PM. I'm Amanda Cooper in. Here's what's happening yesterday. I'll going Tennessee governor Bill Howsom granted sin. Toya Brown is operatives clemency which commuter life sentence. The Tennessee governor says now she will be able to help others. I think she is going to be able to help. Hundreds. If not thousands of young people, particularly people caller who are caught up in the system, and she will be able to talk to them about her experiences. So they don't end up where she is Brown was victim of sex trafficking and was sentenced for killing the man she said traffic at her back in two thousand and four this cut to the chase. Let me see my daughter, and he said your daughter loves me that was Tim savage father of Jocelyn savage with his wife on the morning show yesterday talking about how our Kelly is preventing him from seeing their daughter. This comes off the heels of the new lifetime docu series surviving R Kelly which is about his alleged sexual misconduct, Canada bars co-founder of mute R Kelly says that the R and B singer needs to be held accountable really to hold our Kelly accountable to stop his music from being played on the radio to persuade elected officials to not allow him. To perform in their concert venues R Kelly says he plans to sue everyone involved in college sports, everyone is still talking about how Clemson role pass Alabama to become the new king of college football with the forty four sixteen win and last night national championship game clemson's head coach says they pulled off the impossible. Team..

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