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Moments that are kind of low level creepy. I mean, I do love. I mean, again, we talked about the the the first hypnosis scene, which is really effective, but that's more kind of intr-. It's not a little bit creepy, but it's not scary. That's the whole point. I mean, if you look for movies as like, this, is this, it's like you're, you're looking for movies as an escape. You're looking for movies as I don't wanna think. I just wanna go to a movie and lose myself in it. You know, even the the exorcist which is a smart movie, is that kind of movie, you lose yourself in it really doesn't tax you. It doesn't force you to think about it while it's happening. You just lose yourself in the heretic. I really believe you have to engage with and you have to have an active participation with in order to appreciate it. Enjoy it. And if you don't, it just looks silly and crazy. It's kind of a litmus test in a way for really kind of what you want a cinema that goes back to sort of what we're talking about earlier about how all exorcist to fans are kind of on the same level in a certain way. We've all been in the synchronize before. We're all like, we're all good Lok. We've all been rushed by the wings of the locus. Kokomo plot goes all over the place, and it goes back and forth in time and space, which if you're not engage with this movie, it's not gonna make any sense because we're bouncing in and out of that. You know, that's like the the second and third synchronize, IRS scenes if memory serves. But we're like after that, I think is seen where we have father Merrin in Reagan's bedroom. It is all about Kokomo. After that, we've got coke as the young boy, we've got Kokomo possessed, and then we have Kokomo later on and the whole idea of the Mont going and finding Kokomo. So there's this whole thing. I mean, you could almost make a movie just about the Kokomo character. And I just love Saint Kokomo. At the funnier, it gets much position. I mean, it would be tough to say which they say more in this movie, especially what he's looking for. Kokomo someone needs to count. Obviously I can't. I'm very upset that I have not tried this, but it's like someone doesn't need to count the Kuku MOS and the positions in this movie and see who wins because it would be instructive. I think I want the super cut and what I'm planning on doing a super Cobb just audio wise is the repeated Burton lines because I think that would be a hell of a lot of fun would if you're not paying attention, it's just like, who is this kid? Did we even realize that this kid is the same person as James Jones. We see James Jones. So briefly in the one part where he bit selected in..

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