Wale, Deng, Cohen discussed on Christpoint Church - 10-22-17p - Brother Minor - Psalm 61


When we are experiencing that over whale men each area when i don't know what to do i don't know where to turn i i need hat but i don't know where to get out over over wale over here over will some deng we're overwhelmed in the situation of the circumstances of life for all of us have different difficulties in our live baby maybe it's our jobs that are given us maybe were were were or where we go to school or maybe it's in the home there is he stressed cohen said we all face tom tata the psalmist david amana after god john hart genma hack was over wire i was to apply sad that know what to do oh son has risen up against over wale some business ban are become overwhelmed under business to the point that they've been show brought their business so much crowded into their life unduly crowding crashed out of their life and suddenly their main emphasis is not not tries but their vision is or their job oh oh wale we can become overwhelmed until we ah some two church in our mind is everywhere except the come to church and it's amazing all that we do when we were in church just not turkey we could be cooking dinner are we can be lean in the house a we can be repair in a car all those things are going on in our mind even while we're supposed to have our minds fixed stone us.

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