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And turn on alarm systems if you have them and secure your valuables you know i don't understand people who leave their house houses unlocked at any time even on their home the doors in my house are they're always locked unless somebody forgets and then isaiah who didn't leave lock the door come on always i we always have the doors locked even when we're home ours always locked you know just that's just too tempting for people who work in and grabs in weather traffic whether yeah what we got wet it should be stopping around noon today and it's still fairly warm we're gonna have a high of sixty today that weather is affecting some traffic crash southbound i fifteen at fifty seconds south in salt lake front of the program just said that intersection traffic light out in eagle mountain at redwood road and pony express parkway thinks they sent that into three three nine eight six two reminder about the canyons chains or four wheel drive required for both big and little cottonwood canyons and little cottonwood in provo canyons they're going to be closed for about another half an hour while they're doing avalanche control boehner candidate number three spicing up the local news this is in texas texas tv station employee has been fired after a crude audio recording was played in the middle of a live newscast viewers of k r i s were in for shocking surprise on monday this is the new now this picture you're seeing an exxon dot com slash live this is.

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