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Ports of entry Natalie brand CBS news, the White House a longtime security official at the White House is blowing the whistle on the security clearance process, saying twenty-five, people denied clearances because of problems in their backgrounds. Got the many way CBS's Paula Reed, says Tricia. Newbold testified before a house panel. She said she wanted to go before this committee because she is worried that decisions about security clearances in this White House are not being made in the best interests of national security. And of course, this high profile a whistle blower. Testimony comes amid this ongoing feud between Representative Cummings and the White House over the security clearance process here. Republicans call the allegations overblown to women have come forward to accuse former vice president Joe Biden of unwanted touching at different campaign events CBS's Eto, Keith in a statement finding said over the years, I have offered countless handshakes hugs expressions of affection support and comfort and not once never did. I believe I acted inappropriately. We've arrived at an important time when women feel they can and should relate their experiences and men should pay attention, and I will three men and one woman were found dead in a property management office in mandate in North Dakota police chief Jason Ziglar. Currently be treated as a multiple homicide investigation. North Dakota bureau criminal investigation is assisting with the processing of the crime scene. And there's no reasons based upon the information that we have the public safety is is that peril. Police have no suspects or motive the urban core of engineers says to sixty two levees were breached contributing to the flooding devastated. Parts of the midwest Blake Hearst is head of the Missouri farm bureau. Farmers lost last year's crop, which is ingrained bins that were destroyed by the flood, and they won't get across this year as well. So tremendous cost to the local area and to the mid west. This is CBS news. Start.

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