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The Orioles hit your hill there, you know, they just they were. They were the nationals yesterday. They were up on them earlier today, I switched over to another games. I'm not sure if they still are, But the fact that they've been competitive they've been, I think is the biggest surprise. And I mean, there are certain teams. You know the Padres in the White Sox, who Had a lot of young talent. You could see this being the year they broke through. It's not shocking to me to see those two teams compete really the Orioles and the team, But I'm just like I did not see that comment out. Take anyone else did either. And oddly enough, though, even though they are they're a big surprise in a sport. Where is we've mentioned? You know, 500 make it done. They wouldn't make the play offs today as the standings were the beginning of the day because the 27 and eight seeds would both come from the ale Central, where for the five teams are above 500 right now, just a really in Detroit's one of them. It's just a what really weird starts the season, Kyle Yeah, I took the other team that I don't think anyone for saw doing well, but they've been able to beat up on teams like the Royals and the Pirates. So far, I haven't gotten to the meat of their schedule yet. I think they're going to tell off a little bit. Yeah, Anything can happen in a 60 game season, especially when you expand the postseason. 16 teams. There's gonna be some teams in there where you say Wow. I didn't see that comin. Yeah, Lot of intrigue. No doubt about it. Kyle Glaser, Baseball America. Kyle really appreciate you making time on a Sunday appreciate the conversation, enjoy the games. Thanks. Appreciate their it isthe Kyle joining me on the show right there. Yeah. It's just for those who don't know, cause I think you're hearing 0 16 team player there. There may be some of you have heard that just didn't dig into the nuts and the bolts of it. Eight teams in each league. But the teams that are guaranteed spots are the first and second place teams in each division. After that, it's how you stack up against all the remaining teams. And so right now heading into today, and they're about an hour into their game. The Astros on the verge of being swept by the A's and it's six and eight on the season, the Astros would make the playoffs because they're in place in what's been a Largely downtrodden ale West. Although the A's we're off to a great start to the season Best record in the American League, right? Eight by 5 to 1 to four. CBS..

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