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My youngest would actually you, wouldn't. Be here right now a driver in another car got grazed by a shot before investigators say that written. Murder suspect use a gun to take. His own life it's komo's Joel Moreno reporting a shooting in Tacoma kill two men, last night police say one man died on the sidewalk and another man show at about a, hospital but, did not survive as wounds the shooting happened near Portland avenue east detectives have been. Talking to witnesses and they stopped a vehicle that was seen leaving the shooting they're questioning the people in that. Car dozens of supporters came to hear the mayor of Burien speak days after he says he was tacked over his pro immigrants Dan komo's Charlie Harger was also there mayor Jimmy Mata says it happened over the weekend rob me by the neck And started cutting starting my. Year telling you that you think you're, a celebrity in his tally you're not a, celebrity, sent some bad words behind it. Tells crowd after media attention, Monday the man has now turned himself in Mata says violence isn't. Going to accomplish anything do not react. With Haight do not react and, aggressive way to where you're gonna hurt someone we're better than, that as, a country, and. As a community police say they've recommended the man be charged with malicious harassment, in Burien Charlie harder KOMO, news Utah police department says its investigation into the two thousand nine disappearance of Puyallup native Susan Cox Powell remains open but the cases. Cold with all these exotic and the death of her, father in law and Tacoma does not change the case status the west valley city police department said Stephen Powell's death Monday at a. Tacoma hospital doesn't make it more likely or less. Likely that the disappearance case of Susan Cox Powell will be solved KOMO news, time is now four thirty Eighty nine home prices went up slightly in June. Komo's sewer Mero tells us why that's, actually good news for homebuyers kind of there's, no, way around it buying a home. Especially in Seattle is expensive, but the kind of good news is that although wholesale prices.

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