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Proliferation and integration of shared. Visual language is done through globalization theory. Model now this theory was used by scholars and economics. To explore the ways in which the modern world experience activity through a common market economic integration. And a time space compression and it refers to the growing breadth and concentration of connections between lands locations increased technologies of transportation and communication. These are all starting to sound like very familiar. Concept in the roman empire and people even argue in the hellenistic period and periods before. So it's a little easier to point to it in the roman empire. I think because there was a an imperial level apparatus at work organizing things like communication transport in a methodical way. So these ideas have been applied quite successfully to the study of the roman emperor through this overarching. Theoretical construct scholars like tomorrow's have written about how this approach allows us to move outside of a european western centric perspective it allows for complicated narrative histories of different locations to all simultaneously exist within a larger process. That's happening i think. One of the most useful things about globalization thinking is that it accounts for an and allows for an symmetry of pace and impact. It gives you a space to talk about developing shared practices growing awareness of cultural differences. And when those those differences become beacons of local identity yes certainly within globalization theory just to sort of wrap up you go through a process where some cultural product becomes created in one location. It gets homogenised. He gets spread to other locations. It then gets re grounded into that new location and imbued with new meaning. Yes i think is very well put. And it is within that framework that more and more cultural interaction is being studied and understood. I think that somebody needs to remember is win. Cultures are interacting with each other ancient models. There's a sense of avoiding reinventing the wheel If a symbolic language is used at becomes so well established like well. What is the point of reengineering creating new something..

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