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Monterey Bay, Penny Nelson, California discussed on Weekend Edition


Longterm problem of rise see levels are still in the design stages and disaster planning experts warned that there's a lot more to do as climate change increases the risk of catastrophic storms like hurricane harvey which flooded much of houston and hurricane maria which destroyed most of puerto rico's electrical grid for weeks after maria made landfall threequarters of the eye ireland still has no power draw rose npr news new york you're listening to npr news in washington from kqed news i'm penny now send hundreds of people gathered in santa rosa yesterday to honor the lives lost in the north bay fires it's been three weeks since the blaze was first sparked and with the death toll at forty two people it's the wildfires is the largest wildfire in california history house minority leader nancy pelosi advive loko congress members attended a day of remembrance and also spent time surveying the destruction pelosi said the devastation was unlike any other she'd seen and promised to take that message two lawmakers in washington we will do everything we can and be with you for as long as it takes to me your needs a full recovery is expected to take years and cost at least a billion dollars on another front if you're going to the beach in san francisco or around monterey bay a today you should stay out of the water the national weather service says it's expecting large waves strong recurrence am sneaker waves meteorologist in a schneider says even the best swimmers should heed the warnings whether you're weaker a strong swimmer recurrence kids won't take you think rachel take you it doesn't matter how how good we from eur and gold civic ocean water she's still hold it in danger is always a danger situation the hazardous conditions are expected to last through the evening all right so if you have your phone in your hand right now take a second and follow us on instagram were at kqed news and kqed's week can crew is posting stories of events happening around the bay like the day the dead parade happening in fruit veil later today having us on instagram's another way to check it out so give it a try i'm penny nelson kqed news.

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