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Today is tuesday. September twenty first two thousand twenty one. Here's what's happening with your san francisco. Forty niners after a tough win on sunday the niners were looking their wounds and there were quite a bit of them yesterday here. Are the injury updates from. Kyle shanahan defensive back josh. Norman is day to day with an ankle injury. Defensive tackle giovane kin law is still day to day with that knee injury. Kind of the same thing he was last week. They will monitor it. Going forward defensive lineman erik armstead is going to be monitored as well just like last week with the ad strain defensive lineman kevin gibbons has a high ankle sprain and we'll be out quote a while same thing goes for running back to michael. Hasty trae sermon has a concussion. He's in the nfl. Concussion protocol and elisha. Mitchell has a shoulder injury and is day today. Obviously with all the injuries at the running. Back spot kyle mentioned the kerryon johnson could be called up from the practice squad. In addition to the team adding another veteran and shanahan got into that a little bit according to him workouts or schedule with tj. Yeldan duke johnson and lamar miller. Now i should point out that shinhan also mentioned that technically michael hasty is the only running back. That's definitely out next week. So we'll see how that kinda shakes out but they're not working out all those running backs for no reason. I think they know at least one of those guys is not going to be able to go and they wanna have a veteran presence there now for the main thrust of today's episode the complete lack of contribution from the first three rounds of this year's draft. Just i know it's early but hear me out through two games. The forty niners have gotten a grand total of fourteen snaps from their first three rounds of the draft. Trae lance had four snaps in week one none last week. Ambi thomas had nine snaps in week. One inactive last week trae sermon inactive in week one had one snap sunday in philadelphia. And that is it second round pick. Aaron banks has been inactive through the first two games of the season. And i'm sorry that is simply unacceptable. You cannot have almost half of your draft class. Contribute absolutely nothing and i know i know. They've gotten contributions from the amadora. Nor and elisha mitchell and that's great but guess what that's what those guys are supposed to do right. They didn't pick them because they expected them to stink. Of course it's good that they're getting run here but they should get run very upsetting to me. What is happening right now. With this draft picks and when asked about the lack of snaps for trae lance and whether that will hurt his development. Here's something kyle said yesterday. Don't really make decisions based dr team of just putting a guy in totally just for how that is for him in the future. I think that'd be irresponsible to everybody else in the room. You do it if it gives you a chance. Based off of what's going on in that game that game only and the meantime. Yeah it's it's nice for a guy to get out there but if it wasn't because he is bringing a different element that we could help us with something that we're going against. There's no other reason that we would do it. I was stunned to hear that. Honestly like if that's how you're going to treat trae lance. What was the point of trading up to draft him. He's not like some club in your bag. That's cool to have you know he's got to be an essential part of your team and the idea that there's no reason to play him other than if he helps you out that particular week just says you don't understand how to develop a quarterback or the quarterbacks need to be developed i mean surely shanahan knows this but all his actions say something different and i don't really care about what a coach says i care about what they do and what they're doing which ray lance and the rest of this draft class at least half of it is essentially wasting it on a team that's full of injured do's and full of veterans. You need some young blood in there. You need that injection of youth of energy. It's a long season now. It's a game longer so to see where they have started in the first two weeks. I know they want to games. And that is great but there are some things here that are troubling because the schedule is about to get a lot harder for the forty niners right. Obviously we know everybody knows week. Three sunday night football green bed. That's going to be tough enough after green bay though. I don't know if people have looked at it seattle at arizona. Which how good does arizona look right now with. Kyle murray's got nine touchdowns through two games. The colts who knows what the colts game is going to be. But they have a good defense then they go to chicago and then arizona again so the games are going to get a lot tougher for the forty niners. You're not playing the lions and the eagles every single week so their process is going to have to get a lot better if they are going to have success. And if you're not gonna use trae lance after the fourth quarter in philadelphia when you had zero first downs and fourteen total yards. When are you going to use. That's the thing that i can't shake out of my head. I hope. I hope it changes because right now. It doesn't seem to be logical. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason. It all seems to be at the whim of kyle shanahan and i'm sorry that's not good enough. We always give you one thing to read one thing to watch and one thing you might have missed one thing to read on this tuesday for what it's worth tim. Kawakami of the athletic completely disagrees with me about the quarterback situation and he wrote about it yesterday in the athletic. So i suggest you read that. Obviously listen to what i have said and let us know where you come down in the debate. We want to hear from you at an podcast. You can always tweet us. Tell us what you think where you come down on this whole quarterback thing and if you think the forty niners are making the right decision one thing to watch after the game on sunday. George kitto posed for a picture with some eagles players. One of whom was fellow tight. End zach ertz. Well on monday erz was put on the reserve cova nineteen list. Oh that just makes me nervous. That makes me nervous. Obviously we hope arts is okay. But i'm nervous about george keto and potentially anybody else that he could have come into close contact with some bad juju there. I'm just saying one thing you might have missed. I know the forty niners are banged up. But in terms of quarterbacks it might not get more injured than carson wentz of the aforementioned colts whence has a regular ankle sprain on one ankle and a high ankle sprain on the other ankle he sprained both ankles every ankle. that carson wentz has is rain right now. Can you get more banged up than that. I don't know what that guy does with his body but man..

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