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Yeah, baby, welcome to the world famous stuttering John. Trying to figure out why the screen screen is not exactly working. The proper way it should, but that's better. How are you, everybody? Vote out hate from the Midas touch. Brothers who are luck. And let's get this started. I'll do the roll call. Marco V one 93. Triumph the insult comic dog was arrested last night at the capitol. You know what? Smile, I don't care. I don't. I don't care. You don't win my ex. Come on, man. Triumph. Bob. You're copying the stuttering John thing. You know that. I know that. We all know that. Joni, Heisenberg, Trump's argument dubbed the Costanza defense after Seinfeld joke. It's not a lie if you believe it. Joni Heisenberg political commentator crystal ball put Bill Maher and his guest James Kirk in their place last night after they blamed inflation on people spending too much money. Bill, what is wrong with you? Holy shit, man. Admiral sula sulu, and he updates on density of fans to be so thrilled to see you in that show. No, no updates. You don't get them all admiral. You're going a lot of auditions. It doesn't mean you're gonna get them all. Johnny, Heisenberg, Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch cited Henry Kissinger in his yearbook photo. They'll illegal. We do immediately the unconstitutional takes a little longer. Information courtesy of Don Winslow. The illegal we do immediately the unconscious takes a little longer. Good as gold. Marco V not sure why Maher even has guests on, seems like his only opinion counts anyway, true. Carl Jacobson, my Dana's brethren is here, D world, Joni Heisenberg, true. Also comes out in support of desantis as president over Trump. No more. Fuck you. As good as gold stage dog, Marco V one 93 Tucker calling triumphs, incident, and insurrection, they're a bigger tool. And existence in this man, let me think. Now. Johnny Heisenberg Peter, Navarro's attorney asked the court to delay his trial date so he can go on a book door request tonight, what an idiot. Johnny, CBS contends a production crew at authorized to be at authorization to be at the capitol. Well, they might have Maria McDermott with the badge, how are you? Shorty won Mark Hurley from Ireland. Marco V Joseph Biggs will claim Colbert stalking him. The Facebook people join this broadcast, you can support my page.

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