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So sarah silverman <hes> released last week that she actually got dropped from a movie because of an old black face gach that she did back in two two thousand seven on her show loesch it really much of back into the that is such bullshit. She ended up saying that she after for a couple years with a sketch being out. She did feel bad about it and she doesn't stand by the sketch anymore. She is bummed out that she got pulled yeah but you can't say sorry anything else. You just really scared three thing that's invaded the life. Primarily in the right will make it. It's so odd. It's perversion. It's really locale righteous. I am now. I'm going to press refresh all day. Long me likes i am i right justness stand by the black vase sketch. I'm horrified by it. I can't have no you can't you can't apologize nowadays here. It doesn't matter your cancel if you did it. They just take you out your cancel. Let me see it's called cancelled culture so the fuck and far-left love drives me crazy this where it's like. There's no such thing but but similar was it was a sketch sketch a bell. Is it more more difficult to be jewish or is it more difficult to block and that's why she did the black face so she got fired over that. I mean it's such bullshit that they would fire you because apparently early. She's racist. Apparently you know yeah they matt robert downey junior for playing a black man and tropic lander. He's your hero an the iron man. You know it's like these people are not racist that you're fighting the wrong fight man. They're fighting the wrong fight. It's virtue signaling at its worst and it's always the most woke people are white privileged liberal kids. It's like who go to these colleges where su soon if you're so liberal i'll tell you what if you're so woke and you you're in this like you're at harvard and yale where all these all this shit is coming out of. Give up your era tuition and give it to somebody who could go to give it to a person of color who go to city college. Give up your tuition. You're spending one hundred thousand dollars a year. So that's five hundred thousand dollars. You could span so get. Where's your. Where's your put your money where your mouth is. You know do it. That's such a bummer. Okay what else she's not in your movie movie. I mean unbelievable. She's one of the most talented people and that was. How many years ago ten oh i'm sorry twelve years ago. She did a sketch an yeah. It's okay though they just it's just it just becomes gonna do another doesn't matter fucking hypocrisy. I won't see that movie. I'll tell you that much now what else yet kitchen fuck you guys for firing her. This is in florida in this woman. She had two different dates. I'll show you the first one the the first one was for some reason she was with a date and then he got pulled over and he said i'm going to get arrested for some sort of like you know ticket vile or some sort of thing on his car that it they wanted to check. I'll just play for you to stop sticks to disable it. It's actually funnier when you listen to palm coast about two a._m. Thursday only only to learn the driver bailed out into the woods leaving the passenger a woman face the consequences. We are not identifying her because she's not charged with a crime. He didn't didn't say anything. That's why turns out. The woman had just met the orlando area man on a dating website and stopped at this palm coast. Denny's for dinner on the way to her gets better. Deputy tried to stop the vehicle for a tag violation told the woman he'd go to jail so he raced off off while he was exceeding.

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