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Gigabytes of data usage. You're listening to WTO P and E. 6 53, many Ukrainians say their experiencing depression and mental health crises because of the horrific attacks Russian troops have unleashed since the war started. However, it's not just the war that's causing problems. It's the people behind the war as well. It's not just the bullets and the bombs that Ukrainians are facing. It's this. On a program at RT today, which is top Russian propaganda outlet. This guy comes on and he says without blinking his eyes. Oh, Ukrainian children should be drowned in rivers and burnt in wooden huts. Yuri sack is an adviser to Ukraine's minister of defense. He says it's very important for the rest of the world to know. This is just an illustration to who we are dealing with. We are dealing with subhuman with a subhuman enemy. And looking at the many atrocities that have taken place in Ukraine, it's clear many Russian troops feel the same way about them. JJ green, WTO news. Virginia native David baldacci is out with a new book called long shadows. It's the 7th installment of his memory man series about Amos decker. I read a book about a guy who had hypertension synesthesia, so he saw days of the week as colors. I thought you could have a traumatic brain injury and open up these parts of your brain. And then to use that in a new career as a detective. David baldacci continues to follow Amos decker's journey from football player to policemen detective and FBI consultant. In this novel, they have to fly it on the South Florida to investigate the murder of a federal judge and her bodyguard. When baldacci is not writing, he's running the wish you well foundation. Financing the creation of a literacy center in rural Virginia. It's not just about reading the next book on the bestseller list. This is about being a citizen of the democracy. Here are full chat on my podcast beyond the fame. Jason Farrell. This

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