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Have the story I'm Bloomberg's Mona Rivera the government wants to send you with a thousand dollar check that's stories coming up in five minutes hello is there says there's no plans to lock down the city and anytime soon those stories in the next fifteen minutes from right now two forty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives with loose to start this addition off in San demus wanna think a tipster for checking in the KNX traffic tip line three two three four six seven ten seventy to let us know that and the two ten Weston said demi's before lone hill Avenue there is a a multi vehicle crash and one of the vehicles is overturned and and the second lane from the right so already you're backing up before they are just after the fifty seven connector there and so just be aware of that I know that people have their heads on a swivel from about to foothill all the way to that area there to try to get on the fifty seven south and again this is on the at two ten west at long hill Avenue just coming in on the chalkboard as well the CHP so they'll be out there running a traffic break I'm sure and is long as were in that area let's see what's going on Caltrans wise usually there's a lot going on and the Kellogg hill area and down further into Covina and we do have something going on this is on the ten west the three left lanes are closed between citrus and pointing coming back the other way from Baldwin park the Chinese the two right lanes are closed from pointing to citrus and don't really have anything going on in the cloverleaf there the intent of the fifty seven which is great news for your morning drive although in Pomona on the seventy one north the right lane is closed from north branch road to hold until five AM next reports coming up at two fifty five I lose hours more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio scattered showers continue all week long other system comes away over the weekend as well but broad trough of low pressure opens up along the west coast that keeps us unsettled.

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