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Rating eighteen to forty, nine, point, two four, which was up from last Wednesday's point one six. Obviously, all that is good news I know you annexed W. we fans don't want to hear the bad news, but I'm afraid I've got to tell you the bad news So in eighteen to thirty four. Not Eighteen to thirty four men. An eighteen to thirty four women, combined men and women. Eighteen to thirty four. The show today zero point zero nine. Two weeks ago with head to head competition from Awa another wrestling show. They did zero point one one they fell from a point eleven to appoint owned nine. With no competition. So we've said this before it's it's hitting you in the face with a hammer. When. You see these eighteen to forty nine numbers for an xt and eighteen to forty nine was up here. They did a point, two, four and eighteen to forty nine. It's really. Thirty five and above thirty six and above that eighteen to forty nine is nobody eighteen nineteen twenty, twenty, one, twenty, two, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. It's all people above the age of thirty five under the age of thirty five. Under the age of thirty five. Nobody wanted to watch exte- even with out dynamite on the air up point Oh, nine in eighteen to thirty four. Nobody. Under the age of thirty five is watching this show. It's astounding. And you know in the short term and the short term while they're you know they're above thirty five is is good enough that they're they're at least you know I mean they were off the chart last week, which is I mean crazy but at least they charted this week but their audience is so old. It's not even like there's no little kids growing up to be fans. There's no little kids. There's nobody in high school no teenagers there's no young adults I mean there's nobody under the age of thirty five watching it x t what's going on here at how can this be remedied? That's the big question. You reap which is so this has been coming for a long time that we talked about it every single day as to the reasons of why it happened, and now the numbers are just kind of like just just meshing everything out there. So I mean, what can you say the x t? It's a good solid show but much lake wwe's problems across the board where are the larger than life superstars was the excitement there are some more coherent storytelling but even an annex t you have things that are head scratching and don't make any sense I mean the rea- Ripley situation was a prime example of you know the one of the biggest problems they had next Steve. Forget about putting it up against he w in the fact that you cannibalized yourself that way and put so much undue pressure on the product that way I mean. These are all things that have been self caused that have been coming for a long long time with them. It's just that's just the way goes. For here says listen to the Brian Visha last night I realize how big of a Geek Dakota Kayce still is forget her passes a baby face she's booked horribly even as a he'll do you remember how she became the number one contender. She barely beat rea- Ripley with help from Mercedes a twenty minute match where rea- beat up for eighteen minutes. That is what happened. And then last night she went out there and she went toe to toe with someone who I don't think we've ever seen on TV before and then when the match was over Raquel Gonzalez came out and I use Ri- beat up Dakota and then Gonzales made the save and then there was a comeback and then she destroyed her again so Dakota got nothing against the zero nothing zilch against Yoshii Shirai without help from Raquel and Raquel is not the one getting the championship match. The code is when we come back I'm GonNa give you the lineup for annex.

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