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They would just they would fill in the exciting stuff in the not and they would of trail off and also lemons or get. It's funny any information about his education. But i i did find. His brothers went to private school so he must have gone to private school. K in his twenties early twenties his sister gets married. Okay and billy goes fishing with his new brother-in-law okay. Oh boy and they had a bottle of whisky. How how old is he. He's in his early twenty s billions. Yeah okay okay and have a bottle of whisky okay. And so they start drinking. Really start hitting the bottle. Share this epsco. Call quote if you are telling me that. There's a quote in a paper about this by the whiskey. This is leading me to believe there's an incident can speak and then a couple of guys had a drinking name call quote. It was a big bottle and enough and held enough whiskey to intoxicate a ship's company. So it's a lot of ships worth it's how you get shipped faced completely this soon. They're both waist okay and now. They had brought along a young by the way to people in. This situation is worth so this part. I don't really understand but you know the family. It does have money so it's got to be a nice boat because they brought a young black guy to wait on them. Okay sean. the boat fishing. Look what you do on a fishing trip. It's always nice to hear his family before this awarded on slaves. So who the so. Billy billy wants the black guy to join in on the drinking okay and he hands them the bottle. Okay and the brother in law is like. I'm not going to drink from the same bottle as a black guy right because then you'll turn black. I don't know what the fears. yes obviously imagine. yeah. I mean what what what couldn't happen. Yes you're white so who. Yeah billy was apparently not into that sort of racism and he pulled his gun and shot and killed his brother-in-law okay. So listen i'll talk now. Okay so i am. I'm ashamed that that okay. So it's great great to hear that he is in this time he's able to think for himself and say that he finds that to be a warrant. It's not really great. That he kills the guy has sisters gonna marry over is married to is so. He kills her sister's husband out on a out about drunk. You know like. I would just love to see a you know a medium volume version of that reaction. Something a five. Not at ten he goes. He goes ten absolutely and by the way. If you're the black dude. On the ship assuring the bottle. You're like hey so listen. I am not sure about this partying anymore. I've had a hell of a time of some whiskey. I would share. You're going to. I would love to have some more. I would absolutely no god. that's good. Oh my god you just realize you have to go..

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