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My shouted out aria at the billboard music awards. You know, she's dying. So she's out Drake curse. Now. Twenty four guys. Sports Illustrated twenty eight percent Madden curse most real forty eight percent. Well, that that really. And so what who's mad in this year? Patrick, Mahomes, right homes who that is. I don't think that's gonna come true Brady was on the cover right in the past and the past won the Super Bowl. So that broke thicker, so, but there was a long list of guys where it was just one year after another. George Marshall Faulk Michael Vick dominant McNabb. I'm sorry. If I started that by being the original meeting in motion capture everybody. The cover of Sports Illustrated, though is probably one of the coolest things ever to to see yourself on the cover. How many of you in this room has been on the covers Sports Illustrated? Casey. So they think they're six and I'm counting. So I, you know, it's it's it's it's a good company to be in. You know? It's is pretty cool to say that you are on the cover sports illustrator when at home. Do you have it like, I don't. Oh, I don't have any sports memorabilia of mine. Wait, really? Yeah. Wow. My father has it. All okay. Started to kind of collect some stuff because I do some television hits and stuff that I'm doing the radio. So when I'm on TV, it's behind me now, they're so there's my my chargers throwback helmet. I love that one the white helmet with the the yellow. With our numbers in there. Really cool things. But you know, for the longest time, I kind of saw it as toxic things that were. Okay. And I didn't want to be reminded of it. But now former life, right, right? And now, I'm kind of starting to feel like, I'm okay? Because I remembered the good parts I always tended to look at the the negative parts. And and people always kinda showed me the negative things. And I I would I would go there, and it wasn't necessarily true. You know, there is truth. I was on the cover Sports Illustrated. That's pretty cool. It's pretty cool. I was at the Heisman Trophy with Randy moss Peyton Manning and Charles Woodson. That's pretty cool. It's pretty cool. Pretty awesome. Right. Yeah. I'd like to think that those things is good things and not like failures. Or some reason, you know, which is true. You know, I was drafted second overall by the San Diego Chargers. Awesome. You got a picture with Paul Tagliabue and Alex Panos up on the top there. Yeah..

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