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With the 2018 Kroger shooting the man accused of shooting and killing two people at that store will plead guilty to state and federal charges. The decision announced by the U. S District Court of Western Kentucky in a filing Gregory Bush was arresting connection with the killing of Marie Stahler to Vicky Jones, both of whom were black and shot and killed at the Jefferson Town. Kroger. According to the court filing. Bush will plead guilty to state charges at a hearing today where he's facing murder, attempted murder and one endangerment charges. In federal court. Bush will plead guilty to hate crime charges at a hearing in February. Governor. Bashir says Kentucky may get five different shipments of covert 19 vaccine this month tomb or than originally planned, But he warns, there will still be restrictions on the distribution even if we get those extra two shipments from Fizer In December. There's only going to be enough for long term care which again we want that vaccination program to go as quickly as possible if we can cut off 66% of our fatalities in the 1st 2 2.5 months of our program. Oh, my That'll be us doing something really special. You know, it's more than 1900 new cases of the virus on Monday, along with 10 new deaths, but says the growth rate of new cases appears to have slowed. Nearly 284,000 people in the country have died from covert 19. ABC s Kenneth Moten has more on that the day the U. S could surpass 15 million covert cases as the country approaches 200,000 new cases each day, Dr Anthony Fauci with this warning as the holidays approach, not only for New York state for any state or city..

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