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That a player that's a patriot player actually say not no i don't actually sensory since we lost our logan ryan well then they kind of have that shane lyons a little bit last year now nobody said the team screwed nobody said the defense's not this this is saying the the prized he's in it's different he say saying when you know nobody cares anymore and by the way tj ward did he hurt grog you don't think that there are players out there that we could dj warden say you know he goes at your legs he sees a guy that can urge you he gets your attention if you one of the app opposition but the chris harrison sitting here basically same now we're still okay but you know what a great because we don't wanna tj ward yeah the closest thing i can think of it did with boston sports was zander bogart's kind of admitting that they miss david or t i was a jaylen brown said before the season started or maybe like the first game said that they can amidst the how thomas that's about as close going for trying to remember legumes are anyone ever kind of step online and say yeah we're we're she had that guy back and what was taken a spot you i grow what does that say about we me are your if you're the guy that's that somebody else's saying gotta a you know we wished we miss the guy that was doing your job beforehand it probably makes together doing it now feel relaxed france why don't talk about now usually grow what do you feel about me what are what are you really feel i'm doing a terrible job if you miss the other guy the other guy brought energy excitement and plays gene geez yeah i guess i got my game together we got doesn't bring anything of the table his socks religious not the same team.

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