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What it is but what about so the formula is so I lost Virginia nineteen because I was waiting till marriage and the girl that I was with for nine years like cheated on me my best friend I had a horrible past better be like excellent. Don't be a good guy but he don't like Georgia's happy he didn't take it and make it a negative and all my life amazing. It just learned earned what girls not to go for and then it's like you're bettering improving the girlfriends as you of course of course yeah I trust me. I have a great life. I'm not struggling struggling in the love life. It's a it's a great line have great times but I was waiting. It but here's the thing like I was on extremely sexual Israel especially the tension rising in me so I was like boozing. Oh my God my shit like literally. I knew this right now news right now. I'm a man yes so I was like watching porn like every normal kid grows up report and I realized I was watching this. I know this is not this came. This came to be the way you you have sex with every single their first of all like not not practical. GotTa Change Right like what happens when you have got to stretch before all this yeah so go prep for this so that's the intros like or pointing all I'll get into. I'll I'll I'll give it a little bit so you're getting a little tiny bit a tiny bit so I came up with this thing Hol Formula Logan the Alabama does so one thousand nine hundred all star this is this is where the sadness comes in. I started googling Shit like Weird Shit what the structure of John Lewis like all these things. What's what they're free to know arc so finally I was like at the time I learned like so much that I was like all right? Put this to us. You know all the guys have their notepads out right now yeah. I'm not saying the thing about come on something going to put this to us. I'm just picturing him looking as okay so do this would you say part of the formula formula is learning the how the body of the other sex. I sure realistically the formulas to make the orgasms many times if she can't like our so that's that's the formula and what does the formula so. We knew we'd get it so easy and what you do. It's not what it how how Oh okay. How does having gotten the the you won't get? What is the formula you for me? Okay so what happened was my buddy logan and as if we don't no no him I was like oh well. They don't know keeping cameras looking basically what happened was. They kept getting like girls who would have slept with me. Talk about me to other girls so finally got to the point where like you filter reputation even little came up. If I hear another girl talk about you and Batamaloo Adam lose mishit logan go girlfriend. I can't can't last with her trip. Cool I'll give you my formula is Joe really it is like a whiteboard. I drew out my game plan like plant a section C. I drew out like a thing you girls about easy he his girlfriend call when she was like freaking on after he called me. Thank you so much. It's not it's not the formula to get the girl no not to get the girl to please the girl yes okay so the bedroom durum to make satisfy girl in the bedroom exactly okay. That's what the formula that's why I told them like relationship. Listen you can be the nicest guy in the world but if you're not putting for for your girlfriend she's going to be like all right. We gotta get this needs to route the plane on selling the formula actually been thinking about it. That's how many have all you need to give it to. The people not yeah you can't with a girl she's like Oh. You're trying to do the formula what I shit like now. They know don't by the way that is only health. My favor of had girls may saying we'll see if this is true. It's bad it got to the point where I was like Yo. This is I feel like a mad. Add hot chick like after this whole Oh my gosh you like walking around and he doesn't want to be famous. It'd be rich you guys walk around because what they're look at you. You're hot guys looking at girls and jen is hard to believe especially the young guys with their hormones just like going crazy it takes I mean yeah sometimes all right so yeah yeah. That's that's the formula what is the formula confused. Formula is right now. I feel like this is a strategy to get girls this. The makeup aww formula formula is just like just go home like there's no for me. That's the formula that's right now. We're cleaner. You know he's playing the way Casandra. WE'RE CROPS MR CROSS SPONGEBOB. We're playing Clinton. Look at it. We don't need it. We don't need it. We have been what does this. We're good. We're good. What is the the trump bucket bucket? We did you haunt us and benefit the forty. I don't think I don't think Yohannes ever needed the former you should probably know I mean I think we're good no magic Hey slim slim not do something okay. I'll give you one. I'll give you a position so some females when you're four first of all four point thing like you guys are just jump right into your dumb. It's like yeah you stretch like an athlete when you're about to go into a workout yes so if you're like no goons coasting. You're pushing yourself so that's one but also you have to so I'll give you one. I grabbed two pillows so say I'm working and I realized that the girls backs right we saw the reason the reason why uncomfortable but okay okay shows with bras continued to take love for you guys like whoever has watched Logan's podcast suggests compared these two of how George tells the story person you now. He's like body right now because we're not giving yeah so. I don't remember what back so guys females have different shapes of Jarvis so it's not like a Dick did just hangs out. There's like there's different yeah. There's an entry so some girls are back arching their backs or you'd hit their g spot but sometimes in the mix of it. They're getting tired from arching their back because it hurts to be like the whole time so they go like that. Guys don't know that so I wanna I see a woman doing this. I put like two or three pills of their so. They're completely hitting the g spot without even trying to March COSMO. Oh arose from I'm saying I just put a bunch of together. I don't know if I got our because I've heard about that too like all this underneath your lower back yeah so years hit them. All you just do all the things you have to read the body. If this figure out what's going on study your partner experience and then it's done some girls cannot congruent phone. Oh 'cause like my senior year pop in Cherries. No actually now that I'm not GonNa Virginity never knew bond dude like I kind of want to be like the girls I yeah. I'm pretty sure with this said Cosmopolitan Komo politics magazine ever. I mean now. I'm sure I'm sure you. I'm sure you got a lot of sources you did your research came up with their own formula essay about they liked having patty is not anything that nobody knows a bunch of Shit. That's put together like the Wright brothers up to read a book and it's called gentlemen until the bedroom doors locked. No Girl Wants Gentlemen. That's what I'll give you guys that no girl wants gentlemen in the sheets. Hill girls like you don't ever ask a girl. If you like. Don't ask Yeah I don't do that. Don't do that. Just the worst ever be confident about indies. She says no she genuinely doesn't like to hey listen to them here at a whole different scenario you're actually legit. He's the best worst you've ever had. I'll take it all right so pillows and I thought you said humping for. I don't know the question for you. is sexy important to you guys like is there a modest sexy you guys would want. Is there like is there times in your life that you want to know. I mean yeah. I think that put the most yeah yeah I it's important yeah. There's certain times where I'm just busy and I just don't like that so important to if your boyfriend or significant other husband you know some people believe marriages shooting is a big stat for females to a lot of toys issue oh backfire on the question because being like Super Christian Christian and religious sex before marriage yeah. It's a big battle yeah. That's my nice yes. It was like God my age are you trying to. I know you yeah yeah yeah. It's like Oh my God. Don't do that okay so much servive chain. This is the honeypot cosmic sure you check out Georgia's links below no and maybe you can get some more of his formula. We got going to give you the Formula I will girl every time they're going to do it with you guys. We're ending this season. Two when George comes on we'll get a little bit more so day to two point the never ending formula because before we got yes. We thought it was over but it's not that's another part of the and this is a question. I just WanNa love your life came up to you and was like Yo. I mix these things up. Let's get another partner now. No okay cool me neither agreeing to what the that's that's page one yeah. She says yes it's no way too many weird in the kitchen and I think and like you say I think yeah I'm jealous person to and what's mine is mine touch and I'll cut your Dick Up. much for one eight is scary. I like what I'm I'm not kidding laughing. Already guys laser wants in the on the go at the gym. It's just.

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