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W. update dumb at Saint, Paul's mayor Melvin parter. Calling released a body Cam footage after this weekend's deadly officer involved shooting shooting took the life of William Hughes according to mayor parter the. Officers involved have been placed on standard administrative leave additional details about the shooting are being investigated by the Minnesota. Bureau of criminal apprehension mirror Carter is calling for transparency in the investigation while the VCA. Has assumed the lead role in the investigation the, nine one one call in body Cam. Footage belong, to the city of Saint Paul so our community members into our taxpayers without question it will be released at some point Carter says as soon as the BBC finishes interviewing key witnesses and the family has seen the police body camera footage as well as heard the nine one one calls the video and audio will be released tomorrow night mayor Carter is holding a gathering at the hallie q, Brown community center in Saint Paul for anyone needing support that begins at six PM Pierce county was Constant authorities are investigating after they say a roofer allegedly attacked and killed a coworker with a circular saw Nancy ho via sheriff appears county it's. Still all on investigation we had a group of gentlemen. Who were roughing at a residence in our, Tony seems to be so far, that so we have. Totally figured out is one got upset with the other one and went after him with a circular saw Thirty-seven-year-old Israel via Florez of Saint. Louis was found Monday on a roof in river falls with severe cuts to his neck and face and died. At the scene a twenty four year old co worker was arrested on site both men. Were part of a crew that was doing some, shingle work at the home US Senate. Candidates were, all gathered together at farm fast healthcare was one of the topics for discussion Republican state Senator Karin Housley blames rising medical costs on the Affordable Care Act it was disappointing that we couldn't repeal and replace ObamaCare but we have to do is help reduce your health insurance costs and way to do that is to open it up to the free market democrat Richard painter says you drop prices. By going after medical device. Makers we can't just go after the drug companies the medical device companies are responsible for overcharging based on this date but they also overcharged the drugs and the medical device come down in price and the single payer is going to, get them down and Senator Tina Smith says as Lieutenant governor she has a track record working for affordable health care I fought for the expansion of Minnesota care so, that anybody could opt in to buying Minnesota care pay their. Own way tomorrow.

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