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Took place in mid November hosted by George Washington University some of the editors and contributors to the book waging peace in Vietnam among them Ron carver editor of the book weeding peace be what do you need she's been radio WCS be from Washington next a book to be a discussion of the book the capital of basketball John McNamara was a reporter and editor for the capital because it communications that organization publishes the capital and the Maryland Gazette John McNamara was killed on June twenty eight twenty eighteen in a mass shooting at the offices of the capital hundreds Chamblee his widow completed the work on his book the capital of basketball they discussed that book recently in Annapolis at a Barnes and noble moderator for this discussion Andrea Chamblee the wind all of John McNamara I like to get us started were lucky to have the mayor of Annapolis here and he'll start us off with a few words thank you Q. will will welcome everybody I'm honored to be here I would just say a couple of words about the triumph of the human spirit until two little bit about Andrew's bravery and taught you about what John gave to this community I say this all the time we have to fight for a local newspaper we have to fight for local journalism when we lament losing hardware store or a bakery or whole things that are in big pots of the community a local newspaper is just as important Joe macnamara reported on the things that we care about he could about a kids get about a local teams and obviously in his book he celebrates that by talking about there is nothing better than a local basketball game which I agree with one hundred percent I also want to thank the everybody's a coming here I think Andrea has shown tremendous of bravery in what she's done for us not only has she lost her soul mate but she has had the courage to step forward and stand up against the NRA she's been subjected to a horrible things throughout that process but she was brave enough to stand there and say we need to talk about these issues that these kind of violent things are happening in our communities I'm not partisan it is a thing for us all to tackle with the red or blue although young when these horrible things happen in our communities they're not picking out Democrats or Republicans they causing heartbreak and devastation in our communities and she stood up for us and stood up on this issue so I want to thank you for that but I.

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