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Welcome to the site central show why each episode presents an indepth look at issues from the field of psychology and mental health with host gay powered and co host vincent m wales hello and welcome to this week's episode of the sykes central show podcast my name is gave howard and with me is always is vincent amil wales had started i wanna tell you how to interact with vinson i it's really really easy you can suggest topics you could comment on the show and you can be the first to get updates and all you have to do is use facebook which let's be honest you already do it anyways just join are super secretive a facebook group so secretive or advertising it over at sect central dot com slash fbi show again that's like central dot com slash f these show let's go ahead and get started vince we have a great guest with us would you like to do the honours of introducing her sure but since would you colmey vents let's let's rare it is a rare occurrence but i have decided to respect your professional to him and a cirque calling you of vince on the show oh this will last about two seconds probably yes take it away them okay with us today's dr ellen hendrickson she is a clinical psychologist on the faculty at the center for anxiety and related disorders at boston university so as you might gas where here talked about anxiety welcome to the show dr hundreds bank it looked i'm excited to be here we want to start out and jump in with with kind of an easy question but what is the difference between a socialist zaidi and being shy though in general social anxiety and it are the same thing so sign it in every day colloquial way of saying oh flying that eighty four introversion that actually really different so a lot of people think that china and introversion are you know they're the same thing or kinda tomato tomato but i like say they're really more like apple in orange.

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