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You get an EV because it makes you feel electric. Heavier local Nissan dealer to check out the electrifying lineup and spark your imagination with a test drive of the Nissan ariya or the Nissan leaf today. Nissan EVs, that electrify. It's 9 38. Time for traffic and weather together on the apes for that we got around Fox now, the traffic center. The Baltimore Washington Parkway are main problems, but out on the majors at this hour, itself balance between one 98 and one 97, a reported crash there. It looks like we got it back up about back up of about two miles plus, no help with it as we speak. So hopefully we'll get that one cleared out soon. You've had some issues on branch avenue this evening a couple of crashes. We got another issue now. This northbound Moore's road police activity there, not confirmed that it's a crash, but it appears to be the situation. Central avenue on the Maryland side, in seat pleasant westbound that Richie rode had the left side blocked due to a crash there, also on the Virginia side, north George Mason drive northbound in north Henderson a road had the right lane block due to police activity also route one on the northbound side in the area of the fairfax county Parkway at all travel lanes closed. That due to a vehicle fire at all lanes shut down northbound southbound appears to be moving and getting by. Taking a look at the capitol beltway, the inner loop at Pennsylvania avenue had a report of a disabled vehicle also got a call confirming even telling me about the Wilson bridge. They are scheduled for a bridge opening this evening in the area of 10 o'clock for the passing of a tall ship. Now that could be according to the bridge folks, it could be about 20 to 30 minutes. So if your travels are taking you in the area of the Wilson bridge around at 10 o'clock, so the next 20, 30 minutes, you're probably going to want to take an alternative, unless, of course, you want to see the ship come by. That may be something of interest for your evening. JP loop service centers keep you moving from oil changes and tire rotations to filters and wipers to a full range of services, visit jiffy lube D.C. dot com for a location near you. Ralph Fox WTO traffic. Ralph, thank you not your storm team four four day forecast. Here's NBC four's D principal. The weekend got off to a wintry start, but it's gonna end on a spring like note. Tonight is mostly cloudy and chilly. Temperatures

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