Ladimir Putin, CNN, Donald Trump discussed on The Chris Plante Show


On one secret meeting with uh of ladimir putin at the g twenty no less ironically nicholas burns nick burns a career state department officially state department spokesman he is an ambassador his the what under secretary of state for political affairs and nicholas burns was asked about this on cnn but his answer i don't think met with their satisfaction chris i don't think the fact of the meeting is a problem we should want these two guys to get to know each other and have an effective relationship there the two most powerful people in the world should be concerning they had a meeting there the two most powerful people in the world then he attacked president trump's brought her a agenda because that cnn's mission john kirby the former admiral disgraces himself on a daily basis now on cnn by saying ridiculous things because you know they're paying them to say ridiculous things so a juncker your member he was the state department spokesman under obama so he's an obama administration an official nick burns as a lifelong democrat everybody knows that uh john kirby who was the state department spokesman and lied a lot for hillary diane rot him clinton who is a big liar herself agreed that they they meeting as a good a good thing these poor sites happen all the time at these international conferences i agree with nick burns that the meeting is a good thing these polls sides happen all the time at these international conferences but wait there's a real problem no it's good it happens all the time it's a positive thing but look out because something sinister lurks but that it was that it was so on unprepared for and that we had no record of it that is a concern yeah that it was so unprepared for there were so unprepared for and then we have the record of it that is concerned we have no record of it was done in front of nineteen other world leaders and their spouses with camera crews standing outside the door at a scheduled meeting for which invitations were sent out by the chancellor that paperhanging chancellor of joy slant other than that it was quite a secret and it never happens except that happens all the time woo hoo when you need stance a little too much time in the sun relief leaks.

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