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Hours, maybe even five hours of omnipotent political free fun, Although you weren't allowed if you followed CDC regulations, no shouting. Yes, and no groups, according to Dr Fauci, But Stephen A. Smith was watching the game. You know, I know you were watching the game because you cannot control yourself. It's over, everyone. At Chiefs defense couldn't stop anything at Tom Brady threw at them. And at Buccaneers defense was elite. No more. Talk about Patrick Mahomes being the goat greatest of all time. He's now getting blown out in the Super Bowl. Receivers can't get open and he can't throw them open. It's over. It's not over. He's a franchise quarterback. Well, well, well as usual. I have to educate you about Don't use my lines I use against you go ahead. I do believe that I put that tweet out in the third quarter of the game. It's not like I said it now. I mean, I was talking about the game itself. It's over. Of course, tragic. My homes will be back in the Super Bowl was here with some Super Bowl championships. He's a phenomenal, great quarterback, but when you talk about him being the greatest quarterback of all time Tom Brady at the age of 43 just won his seventh Super Bowl. There's no franchise a franchise. There is no franchise in the history of the National Football League that has seven championships, and Tom Brady has and has seven. There's nothing to talk about in that regard. And if you're Patrick Mahomes is a young player. He's been that not not many people in their football careers and you know this better than anybody. Gets to one Super Bowl he's been to back to back Super Bowl sees six Piri inst, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat not to use the cliche of wide world of sports. Okay. He is a franchise quarterback. He's in the top of group in my mind. Who? The elite quarterbacks. Okay. You got the elite quarterback to him? The Aaron Rodgers there, Drew Brees. It is showing watching. Obviously Josh Allen, this kid in Buffalo with special He's got promised Lamar Jackson and Baltimore He's got a lot of promise. Russell Wilson in Seattle obviously phenomena right back with every way. He's a phenomenal quarterback. So there are several, but again, the conversation is about to go to the greatest of all time. And even though it was Brady With his resume because he's the most celebrated quarterback in NFL history. There were a lot of people that was saying No, it's Patrick Mahoney's in a patch of my home said Be an M. Even though he's still only have two and Brady would've that six. The bottom line is would Patrick Mahoney's being 25 years of age? If he had knocked off Brady? Then you would have assumed that you know what more Super Bowls of coming plus, he'd have a win over Brady on his resume. Now about this, too, though, Stephen a. The lead up T O Super Bowl Sunday was okay. He had to take on the Saints and Drew Brees he had to take on the Packers. And Aaron Rodgers. Now he had to take on. I think the probably the hottest quarterback now in the NFL, and that's Patrick Mahomes. Yeah, that to me was the story line. I don't care what anybody says, going in yet too great to great titans and on both teams, But at the end of the day, I mean, I thought Brady just Has come. Hey, had ice in his veins and you know, in fairness to my homes, he didn't really have a lot of open players to throw to most of the game. Well, he didn't have much help. Tampa Bay's defense was elite of the real n v. P with the initials TB is Todd Bowles, the former head coach of the New York Jets. Not a defensive, so happy for him. Babe Buccaneers. His defense was sensational and led by Shag Barrett and Devon White Antonio with Bill Jr and J. P. P. Ah, former New York Giants. How great the story of J P P If those people don't know Pierre Paul is that he had had half his fingers blown off in a fireworks accident, laying on the fourth of July and fireworks accident. Absolutely, but only player. He's still amazing. Had a great game yesterday. Here's the deal. Tampa Bay basically instituted what the giant did to be Brady twice. They didn't blitz the only bullets like five times during the game. They were incredibly confident that their front four would be able to get to Brady as a result, leaving seven dosing your secondary. Go to Tyree kills in the Travis Kelsey to the world and others couldn't get open and that Bruton and that proved to be fatal off a patch of my homes and those boys because you know what? He was already operating on a bad foot. But he had no help. Because Tyreek Hill is sharp yesterday, Travis Kelsey could do only, but so much more. Cole Harmon was a no show. They don't even try a running game and then you gotta take into account. Distractions of Andy Reid. He's the head coach of the Tampa Bay on the other. Kansas City Chiefs, his son within a car driving had two drinks, acknowledged he had two drinks of some Adderall and next thing you know, he gets into a car accident, a four year old and a five year old, injured five year old is in critical condition. As we speak and being investigated off for driving under the influence. So all of that was coming into Super Bowl week, with Tampa Bay already being at home, but can't the city having to travel to the game and because of everything that had transpired? Kansas City's in travel until the day before the Super Bowl, which was Saturday. Okay, So this has happened twice that a my memory new, you know more than I do about this topic, So I'll throw it to you. But when Peyton Manning left the Colts and went to the Broncos, and he wins the Super Bowl that was huge. Now you have Tom Brady leaves New England and he goes to Tampa Bay. Anyone's a Super Bowl and I understand. I think a nard Yamin could be made. Okay. Bella check and Robert Kraft probably made a decision. Well, it clears out a lot of salary cap, which, by the way, I'm not a big fan of salary caps. You know that. I'm a capitalist. Okay, put that aside, put it in its own separate category, But But you can't convince me that Brady because he's done in the past wouldn't have been willing to give back some money. War players to have a stronger, better team because that's the kind of competitor he is to stay on the Patriots. And yet, you know, farm Bella check and I'm Robert Kraft, and I know Robert Kraft. I like him a lot. He's a great guy. I don't know about him. Well, okay, So I'm thinking if you're Bella check, and you're Robert Kraft and you're watching Brady and you're watching Gronkowski. You had a great game also. What do you think in yesterday? Well, first of all, what? It wasn't a good night for Bill Bella checking. There's not gonna be a good year. Released a good few months with Bill. Bella. Check if you're Robert Kraft, you.

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