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Had 11 here on eighty nine point three kpcc the the aids bemba supported eighty nine point three kpcc unmik roman the long and difficult task of cleaning up after last week's deadly mud slides and montesino continued today at least twenty people have been confirmed killed three others are still missing as search crews sift through the wreckage more heartbreaking stories from month to see to work coming into focus is kpcc's frank stoltz robert riskin slept through the storm and mudslides that followed in the early morning hours of january ninth we had some rain it was very strong he lives in santa barbara just a few miles from odyssey tow but well outside any evacuation zone when he woke up you saw a tax that had come in while he was asleep from his business partner dina landi she was staying in his mother's montesino guest cottage in a voluntary evacuations she was on top of the roof of their guest cottage waiting to be rescued a little later another text came end that landi had been airlifted to safety and it said more that my sister was safe at a nearby middle school that my stepfather as in the hospital with a badly broken leg his stepfather had ended up in a tree in his boxer shorts and a tshirt before he was rescued but there was more ominous news in the tax to that my mom had never been seen nobody knew if sixty one year old rebecca riskin was alive only that she had been swept away from her home by the avalanche of mud robert riskin set out to find his mother but police had already set up roadblocks in the area had so i decided to call my bloody exnavy firefighter ends we put what on and his big truck that kind of looks official with light sent me basically just stormed our way in.

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