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And i just started making real money quote real money and i just god good amount of money in the bank more than i'd ever ahead in the bank and i was feeling pretty good about life and she came to me with the deal in florida that would have met wiping it out and i was like oh no no no no no i'm not going to do that is just land mile you know whereas the return of you know how do i know it's going to appreciate what was that a bad move that was a bad move because not only did it appreciate it appreciated markedly and i i would have been up easily fourfold easily four for but couldn't see it because i didn't know enough about real estate and nor did i take the time to access my resources to ask some one and that's often a mistake that we make as well you have resources around you but then you don't asked the question and again that's about taking the time that could have been a halfhour over there fifty minutes over there but i could have gotten information would you say the typical professional woman is financially prepared for the next fifteen years it all depends on how you define typical right but the next fifteen years you know that's hard to say because i think the millennia women if i if you push me for an answer i would say they probably are prepared because they have most of their earning years in front of them boomers and traditionalist is hard to say because it depends on how hard they were hit by the financial services crisis and whether or not they were wiped out and what that might mean going forward 'cause they're in a different position with respect to earning trajectory vichy earning like i said earning from a w two verses earning you know in any other way so that that's as a tougher one answer but i'd say on average i'm going to say yes as say prepare to deal with the next fifteen years if nothing else i think we're all more aware.

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