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The quick stop convenience store in kevin smith's clerks old bridge leonardo seaside heights red bank mostly read back oh don't worry about those tickets down there right he's probably what he calls every week and his name is what's going on is hey what's going on steve what's what's up much you know same old same old right another wednesday second i i'm not sure if i heard i heard that the freehold raceway raceway park raceway park what's going on over there a swap meet which is you bring meat and you swap it basically i it's an auto show car thing it's a swap meet and auto show cars likes trucks vendors cars for sale it's the weekend the april fifteenth thirteenth through the fifteenth all right so it's rather won some tickets this time around what would you category b at one point five restrictions on the one on one point five that's right here we go out every area who on the new jersey one zero one point five staff once walked the streets of philadelphia wearing a dress i know would that be a dennis malloy be bill.

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