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So the bring back new coke. So I don't think you're a stranger things fan, but it's very pop culture, heavy it's eighties. It's like you are back in that world. And this one supposed to be set in the summer of nineteen eighty five so the inclusion new coke was just a no brainer for them, according to consequence of sound. So when new coke I arrived on the scene, it was hated. They got forty thousand calls and letters complaining. There was a class action lawsuit. They ended up bringing back the classic recipe. They called that. Classical classic coke coke original. But now Coca Cola has unearthed. Coke recipe. Yes. And just for funsies. They're gonna make a half a million cans for available for purchase on the website and select vending machine. We'll it tastes like the old shitty new coat to for the show. Yeah. It's great. Never was big enough fan to know what was good and what was bad, I like Ochoa, but I didn't taste the new stuff. It's always fascinating to, like, we all love reminiscing, and fans of the eighties nineties, what, what that works in and you know. People in advertising decide what will be. But we're supposed to miss like stranger things. They made Ghostbusters references. And before that was close encounters. We all love them. But like it's almost like, oh, that's why this is what I miss the most. Remember slimy thanking me? Thanks for mind me now. We're supposed to miss the new coq. Right. But that's not something anybody crocs? What if it wasn't around? I wouldn't miss what a great payday potential payday that somebody gets hold of your period. Correct, whatever and randomly picks out a TV show or moving or a song and just starts playing that song. And the next thing you know, you're just hammering, check thirty years on because because. Guardians of the galaxy played the raspberries song? That was a great pop song from seventy. Five seventy four seventy five or whatever all of a sudden, it's just a bunch at nine year olds or grabbing it putting down dental like it's creative like I'm not saying what for example, like the like what, what is left for Roxburgh is right right to choose the song into became popular, and it's really cheesy. But when people like do it on purpose, we will choose this, and this will be that, and you will, so calculated is, is, is calculated very manipulative, Tarantino. Does it a lot a lot, especially? A camp counselor read it a little DJ during lunch and all the kids would request the same song every day. I want to hear Cohn heads, which was soft cell's tainted love or oh the other one was the next year. It was, I want to hear MRs Doubtfire, which was dude looks like a lady. Really interesting now, speaking stuff. I can't wait for Will Smith doing Aladdin genie. Well, there was. James. What was that about? Wow. Will smith? Yes. Let's take another crack at that. You can do better. God, I was just traveling through LAX and it's like all over the airport. Like they, they now have billboards that run for three hundred feet like the hold this. When you go under mover, never people mover there, or they the people mover colorful. Yeah. Yeah. Go down certain term people mover. Chest very long. It walked me doesn't have commercial or the advertisement for Latin goes for three hundred feet like they're now taking over whole walls. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I can't wait for that one to hit Bollywood, can we? All right. DJ should just another one. This. In other bit another one. Another one Erica. Okay. Wendy williams. Eighteen year old son has been arrested for allegedly punching his father in the face. According to Z defending his mother, according to TMZ Kevin hunter and a son Kevin junior argued in a New Jersey parking lot early Wednesday morning over Kevin seniors demand for spousal support from Wendy things got physical when the elder Kevin put his son at a headlock and junior..

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