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As you said it's a special industry fancy people event and so i think let's call the title of the song the other side of the velvet rope ooh i like that very very much so if you are person wants to come to this we're gonna give to tickling on tickets we'll put two names on the list it will give those names on based on the person who writes the lyrics to that song so all right those lyrics about the other side of the rope centered ascot on com and we will put those two names on the list so to be clear here i think it's it's the who writes that end their plus one will be our guests for this special little thing great i think that's a great idea and it's not like you're is that a lyric contest it's really just like who put the effort in you know exactly we want you to jump over a bar and that bar is red smirks yeah but we have an actual wheel scripted show to hype as well so on may twenty second we're going to be doing a show at the arc light tickets are not available but i want you to clear your calendars on may twenty second there will be a live show in los angeles we're gonna have very cool guests it's going to be good fun time so if you have anything scheduled for may twenty second now is the time to cancel it because there's scripting his live show there and this is the quilt live show is when we had ryan johnson on fox and rob mcilhenny it's the equivalent of that show and works our guests pretty soon but that's the comic you don't schedule surgery for that day no listen don't schedule surgery if you don't have to obviously we're not big fans of the elective stuff but also folks this is the event that we do to support hollywood heart which is a a wonderful charity that our friend john gained supports and the past two times we done this have been well we like to save some of the some of the heavy firepower for those shows so the first time we did it we had dan weiss and benny off from game of thrones and we had jason bateman from jason bateman and then yeah last year we had ryan johnson on the eve of the last shot i coming.

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