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A couple of little clips of the matt. James in the annual to say i wish picked up a little more flavorful bachelor. If they're gonna events he batter you go to the grooming. The physical snoop dogg and just pick up alleged. let me getting with backlit deputy. Yes okay room. Snoop pete l. said. I love your new tattoos. Celebrating the lakers seventeenth championship win and honoring the incredible kobe bryant. What made you decide to get the tattoo. And what's your favorite memory with kobe. Or a game. You watched him play What made me get it was. I wanted to do something that could represent the championship. And coby bryant. So combining the two with his initials made our excess. And the best moment i'd have to say is when he flew to come and see me and hang out with me for a dan. I picked him up in my low rider and brought him back to my studio and when he left i gave them all right and then became a part of his collection. Wow i mean. I'm like okay right now. Just thinking about it like that was the greatest moment and he was so hospitable to everybody at my bill. And i'm talking about the people who take the trash out to the rappers to the everybody they all. They're saying that this is a great gun. I'm happy i met him and real like sorry about that. Yeah yeah well. Speaking of gone too soon we got a brat s emailed and said since you both with him do each of you have a favorite memory about the late. Great pock bevy right about two-pack in your book this mentally into to back is.

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