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But at that moment. That's when you heard the house just being torn apart. But it even seconds, right? A seconds after that. Everything started president on us because we were in the bathroom. We were together. We all got pushed down flat. We will like dominoes on top of each other. My son was on top of me is a mom. I don't wanna die. Don't wanna die. Pray your way through. To the community of Lee county, we leave by your side. And we pledge our unwavering support to help you rebuild from the very depths of this horrible tragedy. Imagine a hundred and seventy mile an hour wins cut a swath that was twenty three miles wide. They say killing twenty three people and injuring dozens of others. We're talking about tornadoes forty of them slamming into Alabama, Georgia and Florida Lee county really hit hard by that. You heard the president there mention Lee county specifically before that Leshan Wilson describing what it was like for her family as they huddled together. Trying to ride it out getting out of a bathtub looking around and realizing so many of their neighbors were gone. Hey, everybody, what a way to kick off the week on a sad note here on my show America tonight joining us now he's in our virtual green room is a former congressman from Ohio with talk media news. Bob ney. Hey, bob. Have you ever been in a tornado? I'll tell you what I was in a shelter in Carbondale, Illinois. With the late Senator Paul Simon and his wife. Now. So we weren't in the tornado sirens went off. I was giving a lecture for Senator Simon up in Carbondale. And so we all ended up in the shelter, and and together with students who wanna students Senator Simon and said, this is surreal. Yeah. So that was my only experience we, but you know, that that's called. I think tornado alley up there. It is tornado alley and my first job in news was in a place called Carney, Nebraska. And boy, I was really indoctrinated into tornadoes there you'd hear the sirens. Go off people told me what to do if I was the air. We got to move now. I never been in one. Yeah. Yeah. And they're and they're right about that. See that's the thing that that always is the big argument is with hurricanes, and they they might Peter out. They could be worse all kinds of things can happen with hurricanes. But there are ways to track it a lot better. Obviously with tornadoes. They kick up, and they certainly weren't expecting forty tornadoes or that wide of destruction community at ten thousand people. Yeah, really really really really sad. So while that goes on and of course, state of emergency there, you've got a state of a different emergency happening in Washington DC. There's a lot of scrambling going on. But not when it comes to what's going to happen with the wall. Senate is really preparing to block the wall emergency Senator Mitch McConnell said, you know, this that he couldn't stop lawmakers from overturning President Trump's declaration of this national emergency to build a border wall. So that means what the first. Veto of the presidency for Donald Trump's expected. Oh, yes. It'll be veto before the ink's dry on the Bill on his desk. You know, Susan Collins of Maine, she's Republican Lisa Murkowski, Alaska, Thom Tillis, I think North Carolina they were lining up, and then along came rand Paul who like father, Ron Paul is pretty, you know, down to the wire when it comes to certain fiscal items. Brown published libertarian and ran is a fiscal hawk. So he said, you know, he's not against the wall per se. He's against how it's going through. He thinks congress ought to find it. But that regardless of what he thinks her why ram Paul provided the vote. And so now it has to be vetoed of courses veto proof. But the president will be to that. There's no question about it. Yeah. And then how about this the other big one over the weekend with CPAC going on the president? Was there talking about what the hoax was and all of that? In the meantime, you've got the House Judiciary committee with these documents requesting Eighty-one agencies individuals, including his own kids and other entities tied to Trump come up with the goods, and they're trying to launch an investigation into obstruction? Where do you think this goes, I think this gets tied up for a long time? Right. This is the precursor to impeachment system Morris reports coming out and already the houses starting this series of investigations because they know what you know. And I know which is probably ninety percent. There will be no indictment of the president and it won't lead to impeachment. So they're beginning down this path because I called regular earth people today. Kate, I call them have no dog in the hunt and politics and the reactions kind of the same from them. Well, you know. If they had some real specific things, I guess they could look at it. Otherwise, it's sort of trying to find some things, and they they're they're going to look at sixty people people that were in business with him or his children, etc. And this, of course, chairman Nadler, New York, the democratic chair judiciary who would handle impeachments very very clear this is not impeachment. But there are others who are hoping that this abuse of power investigation will lead to impeachment. But you're right. This is gonna be a long and winding road in the president will be in extreme battle note over this one. So this is kind of a gamble on the democratic side, you know, they spend so much of their time on this. And then it really doesn't lead to anything. It will be really fascinating to watch bits present. I I know we'll be in combat mode. Yeah. Absolutely. We only have a couple of minutes left, but you understand. Because you would have been involved in this the the much disputed NSA phone program was shut down. And I just received word from someone. I know about that that was the system that analyzed domestic calls and texts, and it just sort of quietly went way. And of course, there is debates about privacy the rule of law after the September eleventh attacks that was just like. It reminded me of what how taffy was torn all over the place when I lived in jersey, and I would see them make salt water taffy. This thing was torn all over the place. What do you think about that? Oh, right. You know, I was one of three people with Ron Paul in Butch otter only three Republicans voting against the Patriot Act, and it was very lonely on that board that day. Are you soft on terrorism? No. But you know, they took such liberty Kate then people say, well, they have to protect us. This wasn't protecting us. This was this was an abuse of power. And it started under the Bush administration it needed to go away. It wasn't finding the Osama bin Ladens of the world. In fact, they were taking us so much information. They could even find anything. I think if they had to. But I think it's. But isn't it funny? How just right route as real quietly disappears. Yeah. Just quietly. I'm glad you brought that up because you were one of three like you said Republicans boy were definitely on the right side of that. When there's no question about it was criticized until history helped us a little bit. It was a little lonely road for us at the time. Yeah. I bet. Hi, Bob ney. Thank you so much. Thank you. So like, I said the NSA just shut it down. And this member went into our calls and texts like, I mentioned, they haven't used it in in months, apparently and this happened during his Bob said, the Bush administration, it was part of that pursuit for Al Qaeda conspirators in the weeks after the two thousand and one terror attacks and the court said, okay, absolutely to it. Then you had Snowden enter Snowden he talked about the.

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