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Limo company upstate for his father's been charged with twenty counts of second degree manslaughter and twenty counts of criminally negligent homicide in connection with that deadly. Limo crash last fall's co Harry west of Albany now mon- Hussein the operator of prestige. Limo facing a forty counting diamonds stemming from last year's crash that killed twenty people. Sco Harry district attorney Susan Mallory we just handed up an indictment against Nauman Hussein for twenty counts of manslaughter in the second degree and twenty counts of criminal Meghan homicide. Limo had been cited for brake problems before the crash in which it blew through a stop sign and into a parking lot Hussein's lawyer. In a statement maintains his client's innocence and says, quote, we will fight for him every step of the way. Mark remillard. Reporting wins. News time to six actresses, Felicity Huffman, Laurie Laughlin appearing separately in federal court in Boston in connection with that college admission scandal, the parents charged in the scheme have signalled. A willingness to make a deal with federal prosecutors court records said Devon Sloan CEO of a water infrastructure companies in talks to resolve the matter without a trial. He's alleged to have paid a quarter million dollars to get his son admitted to USC as a water polo, recruit marketing guru, Jane Buckingham has also said she's in talks to cut a deal. She allegedly paid to rig her son's ACT scores or spun Aaron Katersky reporting, cloudy forty in midtown wins news time to seven well. President Trump says he will against the White House Correspondents Association dinner and will hold a rally. Instead, he says he doesn't want to attend because in his words dinner, so boring and so negative. He says he likes positive things forty and see caucus forty bay ridge three nine in Allendale, currently forty and cloudy in New York this morning humidity. Ninety three percent the wins out of the northeast at seven gusting to eighteen miles per hour, repeating our current temperature forty.

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