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It was their third round pick at a cow into some games this is see kind of what they have and give him some experience we'll talk about some positives for the giants i think with oh dell's injury and brainwashed drain in some of the injuries that had a front they've had to change ostensibly their identity and especially with seoul's in taking over playcalling do's and they've done they've had various formations now tied ads personnel groups the run gangs me cooking and never abrams played well and is this a positive for the giants this season uh yeah i think it it is that there should be it shows them that this is probably the way to go look now granted they just don't have the weapons to make enough big plays right now they're quarterback also either aid and probably a combination of both doesn't have enough time and just visit making enough plays in general so to me it this is this is a positive effect that they should realise that if we get herald or they'll back to this offense it's total gamechanger right when he's in a lineup that huseyin touchdown waiting to happen right so they could put him into that mex maybe add some so that offensive line that two who this isn't all that this is a blueprint of an offense that could be successful now i would i would just like at one point for them to score thirty points of a game just to show us that okay baby this this is the way to go because they still haven't gotten even close to it yet i mean can they scored thirty points in the game has been the 2015 season since who scored thirty points to begin the niners have done it twice this year.

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