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Your head coach, man, and you're talking about his conversation with Nick Foles, who did not want to huddle up. The offense flowing. Let's get Cem Momenta MME. Some fluid ity if you will, Adam Hogue wrote about this at NBC Sports Chicago are Bears reporter on W. G. N radio, and he Joins us Now the coach and the Q B getting along. Okay. Here, Adam, we we confident they're just becoming a better man, Aggie and Nick Foles all at the same time. Yeah, I think so. I think I think that this is actually very positive. A story that came out of game the other night, because, well, it's the type of thing that you feel much better about after a win, and if they had lost because that's a situation where you knew you couldn't look back as it is a big missed opportunity. Which it Woz, except for the fact that essentially the way I look at this was both of them were technically right. But Ls was more right. If that makes sense. I mean there. They got to a spot by going hurry up, which was a smart thing to do because the bearsoffensive line was not playing well. And James Daniels got hurt. There was some uncertainty there on the line, and by speeding things up. You're putting the defense other heels and taking the rush away a little bit. So it was working, but they got to a spot like pretty much the exact spot where they had practice all week. This play the Cordell Patterson that they felt really confident that Maggie felt really confident would result the touchdown. And quite frankly, the play worked. If the protection had been there because Cordero Patterson was open, But that's exactly Nicole's point. The protection wasn't Something that they could rely on. And in that spot it led to a sack fumble. It could have been disastrous. It still hurt and Nichols was right in saying, Hey, let's keep the moment um going, you know, Forget whatever play we worked on in practice. This is the moment we're in. Now. This is what's happening right now. And I think that that's important because Matt Maggie hasn't had this type of quarterback over the last two years that he could rely on in those situations to kind of take charge. And hand that trust over. So this is a perfect example to me. Why Nick Foles in there right now. And why now that the Bears have reached this point, Maggie needs to give this quarter back a little bit more say over these types of situations. Went along those lines, the audible that set up the game winning field goal. You would never have seen that with Mitchell. Too risky, right? I mean, when he's when he's lofting it over the top of A shack Barrett and Carlton Davis and in front of Antoine Winfield, and here's David Montgomery, making a nice play. By the way. We still miss you, too, Rico, but that Montgomery's distinguishing himself out of the backfield. I think maybe Coral Patterson will, too. That was all Nick Foles right there. Great, great call great touch in the past, and the Bears won a football game. Yeah, and I don't want to make it sound like Are allowing Nick Foles to do things that Mitch wasn't allowed to do. I mean, I think for most of these plays the situation that's what the offense is. They went to the line of scrimmage plenty of times with match where he He had the ability to check from a run to a past past to run. They had two plays on and the problem was, he wasn't always diagnosing things the same way that on the play, you're talking about car, Nick Fall, saw everything perfectly. You know, he recognised tourist Who was it? Who is covering? Uh, the back out of the backfield there in that spot and for him to process all of that was basically 13. Seconds before the snap and the call out Rub rub rub to Al Robinson to make sure And that seemed like a check. Maybe. Ah. You know an option there. For the type of route that Alan Robinson was going to run, and he calls it out right before the snap the playoff perfectly, so I don't think it's so much a matter of them, allowing Nicole to do more. I just think it's a matter of Nick Foles doing more correctly. Well, I agree with Adam, but also do you remember and going back into what Maggie said at the end of last season. What Drabinsky's problem was all year. He's talking about him. He cannot read a recognized defense is and he said, I'm almost quoting Maggie. I'm not quite word a word, but what he said was. I'm gonna work with Stravinsky all offseason and get himto understand the different looks that he asked to see and recognize. The different defense is and how to shift and move. So when when you say that false comes up like now, he sees the field different than Travis Key does. Because you got your own head coach telling you, the quarterback you head here couldn't read defense's And Maggie said it He did. The quote was I want Mitch to become a master of coverage is that was the challenge in the office and he was going to work with them all off season to figure it out. Well, and and it is their work. Yeah, well, it didn't work. Okay, so we just had cause on and he still Maintains the fact that We give kudos to Matt Negi. He's done a good job of bringing this team to the point where they're foreign one. They've had three come from behind victories out of the four, which from double digits. It's amazing. All that being said the offense just doesn't seem to cut it now. He brought in laser. De Filipo. The offensive. Like all these different, you know, new angles in Verona type Castillo line coach all the things that what what do you think it will take for him? To relinquish the play calling, And here's another thing that I want to talk about. Early in the game. The New England Patriots went for it on fourth and one from their own 20. Correct now, you know, that was unbelievable. The unbelievable part Wass the on on third down the receiver of the back, whoever it was stepped out of bounds about two yards short of the first down marker. And yet the officials didn't see it and gave him the ball marked it up there about a foot or soar away now, you know, and I know if Maggie It wasn't all concerned with play calling. He would have been in the position where he should have Through the challenge flag and got that play overturned and now it would've been forth into rather than fourth and inches, and you know, and I know they probably would have done it. But instead, they basically said, we know the Bears are. We're going, we don't care, and they went for it and got it. So what I'm saying is that Dr Eventuated into points instead of a pot, so don't you think there's other things for the good of the team? That hiss, you know, allowing somebody else maybe to try play calling for a while so he could focus on the team picture would not be a good thing. Yeah, I understand that argument, and I think they're they're certainly some truth to it. The idea was definitely is truth to the idea that when you're not concerned about play calling, you should be more on top for you. You know you have more time and Space in your head to worry about head coaching decisions, which are different from Playcalling decisions in but I would you know what first, like, totally agree with you, Ham because that I was thinking the same thing in that spot. I am usually against Challenging spot because they almost never get overturned. But in that, in that situation, it looked fairly obvious that the ball carrier with out of bounds at about six inches. Yeah, You're a least getting half a yard, maybe a full yard more. And and I agree that even though Bruce Arians is an aggressive coach, you back up just that much. Everybody. At least I did knew that Tom Brady was going to sneak the ball there. That's what he does know situation..

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