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One brooks newsradio twelve hundred seasonably how going into the weekend mostly dry we'll see slight chance of thunderstorms tonight lows in the mid seventies clouds and sunshine ahead for friday highs back in the low nineties saturday sunday intervals of clouds and some of highs in the low nineties meteorologist mark sibito from the weather channel on san antonio official weather station newsradio twelve hundred w away raking news on the hour at the half and anytime at w. o. a._i. dot com rocking by i mar credit union found the whole experience of buying a car pleasant actually fine is the place kia optima lx for only one fifty nine a month or lisa twenty sorrento hell x. for one ninety nine a month Every new vehicle. The lifetime warranty. i got the car i wanted with alone fit my budget shop online or visit any car keys for san antonio Credit. Call eight six six seven two two seven to one for details. the fourth of july sale at family leisure now is the best time to buy pools only six ninety nine complete twenty four only seventeen seventy six install largest selection of high-quality patio furniture wicker polly slain gassed and more we all on sale for ninety nine nobody sells more spas swim spas than over hundred spas to choose from starting at fourteen ninety nine fourth of july going on now.

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