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Mean, I think that, you know, he's deserves to be on the list, which Dale hates, but you know he's he's a guy that, you know, a lot of people really don't know that much about. He's only been riding here in the U.S. on a regular basis since 15. And, you know, he's he's he's become a go to writer and out west. He's got a bunch of writing titles that delmar, but he's not in the household name if you will. Category like maybe Joelle and my old friend, I read, and Jose Ortiz, Louis Sia's, but, you know, yeah, I think that if you're going to have to have these polls, which Dale hates, I guess they did get it right. All right, final topic for today. Again, you can listen to I asked, they answer every single weekend here, ten 30 eastern is when we kick it off on the equine forum. If you miss them, head back to our website and check out the podcast of each of these segments. They have been really informative. All right, final segment and it involves Gulfstream's championship meet, which begins on Friday. Trainer safi Joseph junior comes into the meat with a ton of momentum having just captured the fall meat title and the spring summer meat title before that. Safi finished 8 wins behind Hall of Famer Todd pletcher at last year's championship meet, of course, pletcher recorded his 18th title for the championship meet last year. He's been unstoppable. Joseph was quoted in an article this week, guys, is saying the championship meet is Todd's meat. Last year we were pretty close, but we didn't have as many horses as we have this year. I think we can give him a run for his money. What are the chances safi Joseph junior walks away with the championship meat training title this year? He's got a solid chance he wins a lot of races, but I will say one thing, Todd pledge to walk away with the money title. So it'll be about show me the money. I don't think he was concerned about the number of wins anymore. So he just went in the big ones and he went all the big ones down there. He's powerhouse getting stronger all the time. Yeah, I mean, Todd is he's mister Gulfstream, just like he's mister Saratoga with, you know, he wins all those meat titles. It was almost shocking to some people a couple years ago when she had Brown started is running back Tod off. Can saffy Joseph do it? Yeah, why not? I mean, he had he actually started more horses than Todd during last year's winter meat. But, you know, it's also like I don't want to say like in this to the JVs trying to take on the varsity. And I'm not saying that safiya's a JV trainer, but the analogy is that he's got to step it up a little bit and he's got more horses, but Todd's got a bunch of horses and Todd's quality is usually always been more than SAP. But, you know, safiya's a good horseman and he's going to get his shera wins. Does he have enough in his barn to knock off Todd? I don't know about that. But if I was going to do a poll on this, I think I put Todd on top. What about you, Dale? Yeah, I'll put him on top anyway, but he's way on top of me. Sophie could win the title for winning the most races, but Todd went to title for winning the races. You know, that's an interesting point because so often there's press releases that are sent out after every meat at racetracks and they say, oh, so and so was the leading trainer. So and so was the leading owner. So it was the leading jockey. What do trainers covet more? Is it that leading trainer title by number of wins or would they much rather finish second or third in the standings and walk away with more money? Well, I'd speak for myself. I think earlier in my career training titles were very important. They got less and less important. And I'm sure same with Todd and more important about trying to win the right races and develop the right horses and you start thinking about your legacy a little more. And I think that more be remembered more for big races in multiple races. But isn't it more important though to also put money in your pocket too? That's the big races. Show me the money. Well, we'll see how it plays out again. That championship meet kicking off on Friday at pletcher safi Joseph, both going to be loaded and coming down there with the best horses. As will Dale Romans Dale looking forward to your horses strutting their stuff at Gulfstream, my friend. Yeah, we're gonna have a good winner. Think about a great fall and some good two year olds coming on to be three when I'm just gonna be a fun winter. All right, we'll see if gael Romans can dethrone Todd Fletcher. What do you think? I don't think so, not a number of ways. So I just wanted to be beaten his first time he ever won a race where he beat me. I seem to beat me from the very beginning. His first race I ran second. Maybe this will be the winter of Romans. Who knows? I like that. The winter of Romans. Well, Dan, we'll talk to you next week. Timmy will talk to you next week. Appreciate the time guys. I ask the answer, we'll do it all over again. Ten 30 Eastern Time next Saturday, fun stuff..

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